Asked on 6 Aug 2018

Social and Cultural Capital When trying to comprehend the persistence of racial and ethnic inequality, social scientists find it useful to think in terms of social and cultural capital. French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu popularized the terms social and cultural capital to refer to assets that are not necessarily economic but have an impact on economic capital for one’s family and future. Less cultural and social capital are passed on through generations which can make it difficult to overcome deficits. Racial and ethnic minorities reproduce disadvantage while Whites are more likely to reproduce privilege. Please read pages 245-247 in your text and view the videos provided in the assignment. In your essay this week, respond to the following: Define cultural and social capital and provide examples. Describe why White Americans are less likely to be concerned with social and cultural capital. How important do you find social and cultural capital to your family and future?

Answered on 6 Aug 2018

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