27 May 2019

Scholarly journal articles are
A. Written by journalists
B. Reviewed by experts in the field for validity
C. Intended for the general public
D. All of the above

Which statement most accurately describes authors of scholarly sources?
A. Freelance journalists
B. University professors
C. Experts or scholars in a particular field
D. Both B & C

How can you tell you are looking at a popular magazine?
A. Articles contain a bibliography
B. Articles are about current events and written for a general audience
C. Articles often contain research studies and case reports
D. Articles are written by experts in the field

Popular magazines are most useful when
A. You need peer-reviewed articles
B. You need general interest information on a topic
C. You need detailed research on a topic

Which is the best source for current (less than a week old) information on the civil war in Syria?
A. A book about U.S. policy in Syria
B. An article in the National Review magazine
C. A newspaper like the New York Times

If asked to write a paper based on recent scholarly information, what would be the most appropriate source?
A. Journals
B. Newspapers
C. Books
D. Magazines

Which statement correctly describes books?
A. They are published periodically
B. They are neither popular or nor scholarly in nature
C. They exist only in the form of encyclopedias
D. They provide detailed and comprehensive coverage of a topic

Which source usually provides a bibliography or works cited list?
A. Popular magazine article
B. Journal article
C. Newspaper article

A popular article contains the following elements
A. Many pictures and advertising
B. Editorials or opinions
C. A works cited list
D. Both A & B
E. Both B & C

Which item below is characteristic of a journal?
A. A lack of pictures
B. Language written for the general reader
C. A lack of evidence of research
D. Articles written by journalists or freelance writers

Which item below is the most credible, authoritative source?
A. Newsweek
B. Wikipedia
C. New York Times
D. The Historian

What is a periodical?
A. Journal, magazine or newspaper
B. List of citations found at the end of an article
C. Encyclopedia, book, government document
D. A peer-reviewed full-text article

True or False: Everything in a journal is considered scholarly.
A. true
B. false

The easiest way to determine if your source is scholarly is to
A. Look for evidence of research in a works cited list
B. Look for the word "journal" in the periodical title
C. Look for the names on the editorial board

Which of the following characteristics is true about scholarly books?
A. Published by a university press
B. Written for a general audience
C. Describe today's news
D. Contain advertisements

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