25 Jun 2019

please read the below and write down your own thoughts and ideas.

Communication skill is the vital for all aspects of our lives; from personal to professional, our lives function because of it. The way someone communicates could entirely differ from the other. But communication is really just a way of establishing relationships. Communication is not only an exchange of words. But at the same time the body is also saying a lot more than the words. Our gestures, hand movements do a lot of the talking for ourselves. This gets a whole lot complex when the interaction is among a diverse community. With different cultural backgrounds, different beliefs and perspectives, the message can be hard to interpret and/or examined. In order to have a positive impact of all the communications and interactions we might have with an individual possessing a different mind-set and culture. We must champion progressive thinking; to listen thoughtfully, debate tolerantly, to freely voice their ideas, and to let others voice theirs and avoid any seeming judgement. John Dewey a pragmatic philosopher and professor at University of Chicago was also a firm believer in progressive thinking mainly influenced by the political times he was living in(WWII). As a communication professional he realized the importance of understanding the reasons behind growing prejudice and hate among certain social groups, and the changes in attitudes and beliefs. (Julia T. Wood; Communication Mosaics; Text. Chapter 2; pg 27)In today’s diverse world; progression is up another level; awareness of individual differences is extremely important to have an effective communication. This will enable people to have a deeper connection with people who differ from them in some way or the other. Not only will this help in creating relations but also bridging gaps and solving problems that might occur along the way in our lives.

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Patrina Schowalter
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25 Jun 2019

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