23 May 2018

"The M.B.A. and Institutional Outcomes".

The goal of a Capstone course is to measure whether a graduate has achieved the learning outcomes required for the degree being sought. The learning outcomes for all students graduating from the university are identified as:

1. oral, written, and visual communication

2. mathematical data analysis

3. arts and humanities

4. social and behavioral sciences

5. natural and physical sciences

6. competency in major

Each specific program provides a context to these basic outcomes. For the M.B.A. program, you were introduced in your first course to a distinction between becoming an M.B.A. and merely getting an M.B.A. The student who has become an M.B.A. was described as “a problem solver who is able to bring together multiple perspectives, to explain alternatives to others in language they understand, and who operates in ambiguous and uncertain environments without requiring a rulebook.”

In other words, demonstrating your mastery of the M.B.A. program requires not only successful completion of the twelve subject areas in your M.B.A. coursework, but integrating the skills taught in order to evaluate problems, propose solutions, and communicate your results to others.

The M.B. A. program addresses the institutional outcomes in the following ways:

1. oral, written, and visual communication

Students will be able to research problems by critically evaluating sources, constructing well-supported arguments to communicate results to others in written form using A.P.A. format, and orally and visually presenting results using presentation software, spreadsheets, and graphs.

2. mathematical data analysis

Students will be able to employ quantitative methods from appropriate fields to generate evidence to support their conclusions.

3. arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and natural and physical sciences

Students will be able to incorporate ethical, societal, and organizational factors based on humanities, natural and physical science, and social and behavioral sciences into sound decision-making processes.

4. competency in major

Students will employ appropriate concepts from relevant fields of study to inform their problem-solving.

After reading the "The M.B.A. and Institutional Outcomes". Comment on how you feel you have achieved these following outcomes as you have progressed in the M.B.A. program. Have you become an M.B.A instead of just "getting an M.B.A.?" (In 100-150 words)

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24 May 2018

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