10 Oct 2018

Need helps need this. My proposed answers are below the page.

1) which of the statement is incorrects? Business cycles data
a. is often used to test ​macroeconomic models
b. it is too noisy and hard to analyze
c. helps us undertsand how different macroeconomic variable s are related to each other
d. shed lights on the driving forces of recession
2) An increase in energy price may lead to a recession because it discourages the demand of non-energy goods
a. true
b. false
3) to help the economy recovers in a recession, the government may
a. cut taxes
b. increase interest rates
c. increase money supply
d. subsidize consumption
4) match the economic factors listed below with the recession years during which the given factor was likely one of the key driving force of recession.
a. oil price increase 1. 2001
b. monetary contraction 2.1990
c. tax increase 3.1981
d. stock market crash 4. 2008

5) Suppose that unemployment and inflation are negatively correlated. Does it means that they
a. are procyclical?
b. are countercyclical?
c. change overtime in the opposite direction?
d. change overtime in the same direction?
6) Which of the following pattern of comovement canNot be observed on a scatter plot?
a. correlation
b. relative volatility
c. leading/lagging
d. neither of the above.

*My answers: 1.b - 2.a - 3. a & d - 4.? - 5.c - 6.d. ( Not sure. Would you help me get it right) Thank you.

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Keith Leannon
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12 Oct 2018

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