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Question 1

With respect to consumer behavior, one's attitudes, learning, and perceptions would be

impersonal influences

interpersonal influences

personal influences

insitutional influences

Question 2

In Maslow's hierarchy of needs,

a physiological need must be met directly before social needs.

esteem needs are the highest order of needs.

self-actualization needs are the highest order

safety needs and esteem are of the same importance.

Question 3

The most likely product to be purchased in an attempt to satisfy self-esteem needs would be

"super class" tickets for your next air flight.

a really fast computer.

a home security system.

yogurt and health food.

Question 4

Which of the following is not a characteristic that distinguishes organizational markets from consumer markets?

Organizational markets are more geographically concentrated.

More people exert influence on the organizational buying decision.

The organizational market tends to have a greater number of buyers.

Organizations often engage in multiple sourcing and vendor analysis.

Question 5

Consumers may attempt to reduce postpurchase anxiety in the consumer decision process by

avoiding favorable information about the selected brand

seeking reassurance from dissatisfied customers

seeking information that favors the rejected brands

ignoring unfavorable reports about the chosen brand

Question 6

The buying center concept explains how groups of people participate informally in business purchase decisions and

methods to break through group perceptions.

the role the group members play in buying decisions.

how family units operate as buying centers.

the process of performing vendor analysis.

Question 7

In the organizational buying process, a triggering event such as announcement of the availability of a new product whose use could improve the company's market performance is referred to as

need or opportunity recognition

identification of suppliers

information search

word-of-mouth exploration

Question 8

An undifferentiated marketing strategy

serves the consumer better because the products offered are designed to meet the needs of a specific group of people

benefits from the control and efficiency of short production runs

ignores differences among consumer groups and focuses on the broad market

is the most common strategy today and is used more now than in the past

Question 9

Goods purchased by the ultimate consumer for personal use are called

personal products

purchased products

consumer products

commercial products

Question 11

A particular purchasing agent might allow some salespeople to see the engineers responsible for developing product specifications but not allow others the same privilege. In the buying center, this purchasing agent is filling the role of

a "hard" nose

a gatekeeper

an influencer

a decider

Question 12

"Our prices are the lowest, we guarantee it" is an example of a positioning strategy based on the product's





Question 13

Segmenting the market based on exactly how an industrial purchaser will use products is referred to as

customer-based segmentation

benefits segmentation

end-use application segmentation

geographic segmentation

Question 14

The lumber your carpenter purchases to finish out your basement is classified as

a home improvement product

a raw material

a business product

a consumer good

Question 15

When consumer demand for personal computers affects computer manufacturers' demand for computer chips, this situation is known as

volatile demand

conjoined demand

derived demand

joint demand

Question 16

Which of the following is a personal factor in consumer bahavior?

a cultural influence

group membership

friends' opinions

a person's attitudes

Question 17

Cognitive dissonance would be most likely to occur after the purchase of



an automobile


Question 18

Which of the following would be most likely to break through a person's perceptual screen?

a newspaper ad featuring white type on a black background

a black- and -white classified ad

reducing the size of the ad

using fewer colors in the ad

Question 19

The Fortune 500 list of America's largest firms based on sales revenues and number of employees provides a basis for

market segmentation based upon customer type

demographic segmentation based upon geographic location

end-user segmentation of this market

demographic segmentation based upon customer size

Question 20

Straight rebuy behavior by industrial purchasers will probably continue if the supplier provides

poor service

poor quality

shipping delays

satisfactory performance

Question 21

A controversial technique of subconscious communication, aimed at circumventing the perceptual screens, is called

shadowed perception


subliminal perception

perception incognito

Question 22

Those products that are actually considered when making a consumer purchase decision are

customer options

customer selections

the evoked set

the product set

Question 23

The component of the business market that consists of individuals and firms that acquire goods and services to be used directly, or indirectly, in producing other goods and services is called:

wholesaling and retailing

the commercial market


an institution

Question 24

The institutional market does not include which of the following?



motion pictures theatres


Question 25

Advertising for smoke alarms, air bags and life insurance typically uses which of Maslow's levels of needs to appeal to consumers?

self-esteem needs

safety and security needs

physiological needs

protection needs

Question 26

One type of buying center role is that of the

influencer who supplies information for evaluation.

authority figure who decides who, what, where, when, and how.

disseminator who function is to get advertisements to prospects.

specifier who needs on the specifications of products

Question 27

Manufacturing firms that convert to automated factory systems must purchase equipment that they have never bought before, such as robots and computers. This buying situation is called

a straight rebuy

a modified rebuy

a contract purchase

new-task buying

Question 29

A commonly used basis for segmenting consumer markets is

product-related characteristics

health-related matters

information-related concepts

performance-related criteria

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Question 30

The business market is also known as the

wholesale market

corporate market

organizational market

distribution market

Question 31

Which of the following consumer problem-solving behaviors requires the least effort?

extended problem solving

limited problem solving

impulsive buying

routine response behavior

Question 32

The relationship between the demand for silk cloth and consumer demand for silk blouses and neckties is known as

joint demand

demand volatility

derived demand

consumer demand

Question 33

Examples of business market items that would usually be purchased as a straight rebuy are

high quality raw materials

heavy-duty machinery

paper clips and pencils

high-tech components

Question 34

The person who joins a local bowling league for the social interaction, even if he or she is a novice bowler, is probably trying to satisfy his or her

esteem needs

self-actualization needs

physiological needs

belongingness/social needs

Question 35

Campbell's "Soup for One" is an example of a product that is targeted to

large families with high product usage of certain things but different preferences

dual-income couples with no kids

well-off older families

non-traditional households such as nonfamily, single-person or single-parent situations

Question 36

Red Ryder Industries markets rodeo and horse riding supplies specifically to women. This is an example of

market stratification

market segmentation

non-traditional marketing

multi-gender marketing

Question 37

Purchases made by choosing a preferred brand or one of a limited group of acceptable brands are called

extended problem solving

routinized response behavior

limited problem solving

selective problem solving

Question 38

The slogan "the graying of America" describes the trend

toward people retiring later in life

of the word force to contain a disproportionate number of older Americans

for gray hair to develop from years of high-stress urban work

upward in the elderly population as Americans tend to live longer

Question 39

People or institutions must have sufficient purchasing power and the authority and willingness to buy to be considered a





Question 40

Reference group influences would be most likely to be significant in the decision to buy

a loaf of bread

a Mercedes Benz

a clock radio

cellophane tape

Question 41

Internal search in the consumer decision process may include

subscribing to consumer magazines to evaluate alternatives

talking to family members

reviewing past purchases

surveying coworkers for buying options

Question 42

The process of dividing the total market into several smaller, homogeneous groups is called

market penetration

market segmentation

market mixing

market division

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