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Hello instructor, please you help me fix grammar and sentence in my essay, keep original essay, just fix grammar and sentences that you feel nescessary.

My essay.

In order to achieve the qualities of a successful student, that student must have the qualities 


to evaluate in the most general way. Successful students have three main qualities. These 


qualities include setting goals, responsibility, and curiosity.


      First of all, setting goals is one of the most important tasks for every student. Because when


Students who clearly define their goals will make detailed scientific plans to progress


effectiveness of goals. From there, students will try their best to achieve the goal.


for example, when students study physics, their goal is to get an A, then they will make a review 


plan from starting and systematizing knowledge by tree diagrams, through tree diagrams, 


students will do a variety of exercises to familiarize students with when entering test time, they


will remember the knowledge, they will do well on the test, and achieve the goal of getting an A. 


Therefore, Students want to achieve high results in their studies, they need to have a clear plan 


and determine the right goals according to their ability. It is one of the qualities needed to 


encourage students to set goals before they want to learn about something and help them 


gain knowledge effectively.


      Second, responsibility is one of the indispensable qualities in each student when they sit on


 school chairs. because when each student understands their responsibilities, they will always 


take good care of school equipment, to keep it like new, undamaged. For example, When


students finish a lab class, they need to keep the equipment clean, and thorough washing helps 


prevent the device from becoming moldy and leading to damage. In addition, students will help 


the school has full teaching equipment without damaging any equipment. With respect to 


friends, it is always the responsibility of the student to maintain a good friendship and especially 


help each other when talking about learning. For instance, when a student needs help with a 


math homework assignment, because the math problem is difficult, and they can't do it, so 


another student will be responsible for guiding them to solve the problem, they are only 


responsible for providing solutions, to help this student rely on that direction to solve. As for the 


family, the student has the responsibility to listen to his parents, because the parents' advice is 


very useful to help the student improve himself when student wants to walk on the academic 


path. For instance, when this student is about to transfer, it will be time to register to choose a 


career and school, then the advice of parents, helps them better define the profession, and 


register for the appropriate school, because each parents student's always wants the best 


for them. Therefore, students have a responsibility to school, friends, and family to help the 


students to better themself.


      Last, curiosity is one of the most essential qualities for every student. Because students 


want to achieve high results in their studies, they need to first improve their knowledge by 


exploring many kinds of interesting exercises and clever solutions learned from books by many


 different good teachers in that subject. For example, when a student wants to do well in 


physics, first of all, student listens to the lecture while sitting in class, then student will improve 


his knowledge by looking at reference books about physics because in this book, there are 


many types of exercises and good solutions for this student to master in the most effective way.


Therefore, students should be encouraged to be curious about a lot of useful knowledge from 


good people, with high expertise.


       In conclusion, setting goals, responsibility, and curiosity are the three qualities of a


successful student. In addition, students who want to develop better, must have these three 


standards to help them develop comprehensively from academics to ethics, dealing with friends


and family.

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