Re-write the following passages from a student essay so that they no longer contain instances of plagiarism.  Add quotation marks and parenthetical citations when necessary.  Add in-text attributions to alert the reader to upcoming quotations and be sure to differentiate between a source’s voice and the student’s.

  1. Americans have always had high expectations about their possibility for success. Though they may not have thought they would reach nirvana, 19th-century Americans believed that they would ultimately have fulfilling lives because they lived in America.
  2. The American Dream means that anyone living in this country can rise to the level of his aspiration.
  3. Throughout American history, Americans have believed that through hard work they could rise to the level of their aspirations.
  4. In the 19th century, the American Dream reflected the belief that anyone in this pragmatic, un-class-conscious society of ours could, by dint of hard work, rise to the level of his aspiration.
  5. The American Dream used to mean that people in this pragmatic society could rise to the level of their aspirations.
  6. The American Dream seems now to not be about seizing opportunity but about realizing perfection and entering the fabulous worlds Americans see in the movies.
  7. Americans are encouraged by what they see in Hollywood: the mere existence of movie stars proves the perfectibility of any man or woman.
  8. Though Americans of the 1960s may have been the first generation to live within its illusions, today’s Americans certainly believe from seeing social media posts and digitally perfected images that perfection is possible in their own lives.
  9. Though people have always wanted to be rich and famous, America is the first country to democratize dreams and allow Americans to believe in the perfectibility of any man or woman.
  10. Anyone perusing social media today can see that Americans have come to believe in their own perfectibility.


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