Grace is a two-year-old girl who has attended your service since she was 12 months old. You have always had concerns about Grace’s development, especially with regards to her language, which is very limited for a 24 month old child. It is very hard to understand her when she talks, and she often has to point to get her message across. She also has a very limited vocabulary and often seems to be ‘in her own world’, especially during group times. She is a happy little girl who seems to thrive on the affection of the staff, and tries her best to interact with the other children. She plays with a variety of toys and is quite content to sit and turn the pages of books, but does not particularly care to have them read to her

  1. What professional personnel would be involved in the diagnosis of Grace’s condition?
  2. What strategies would you use to improve your communication with Grace?
  3. How would you document Grace’s reactions to your communication strategies? (Name three)


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