The study of finance consists of the following interrelated area(s):

a) Financial markets and institutions

b) Financial services

c) Investments

d) Managerial (business finance)

e) All of the above

The liquidity asset is one that can be easily converted to __________ without significant loss of its original value.

a) Bonds

b) Cash

c) Gold

d) Liquid

e) Silver

A goal of financial intermediaries is to improve the economic well-being. Other benefits include:

a) Diversification (risk)

b) Financial flexibility

c) Funds divisibility/pooling

d) Reduced costs

e) Related services

f) All of the above

4.____________ represents the current value of some future amount.

a)Assumed value

b)Future value

c)Present value

d)Zero value

The cost of money (interest rates) is based on (1) the rate of return that borrowers expect to earn on their investments, (2) savers’ preferences to spend income in the current period rather than delay consumption until some future period, _____________________________, and (4) expected inflation.

a) the level of economic activity

b) the risks associated with investments/loans

c) the trade deficit

d) the yield, or return that is earned on an investment

6.Short-term debt includes all of the following EXCEPT:

a)Banker’s Acceptances

b)Certificates of Deposits (CD’s)

c)Commercial Paper

d)Eurodollar Deposits

e)Federal Funds

f)Government Bonds

g)Money Market Mutual Funds

h)Repurchase Agreements (Repos)

i)Treasury Bills (T-bills)

7.Common stockholders are usually referred to as the owners of the firm because investors in common stock have certain rights and privileges generally associated with ________________.


b)Income stocks

c)Property ownership


8.The concept of reducing the stand-alone risk of an individual investment by combining it with other investments to form a portfolio is called ______________.

a)Correlation coefficient


c)Realized rate of return

d)Risk aversion

9.A _____________ is defined as the cash flows that could be generated from assets the firm already owns if they are not used for the project in question.

a)Balance Sheet


c)Income Statement

d)Opportunity Cost

e)Sunk Cost

To determine its required rate of return, the firm must compute the cost of each source of funds of capital that investors provide; that is, the firm must compute the ___________, the cost of preferred stock, the cost of retained earnings, and the cost of new common equity.

a) Cost of debt

b) Cost of equity

c) Cost of living

d) Cost of unemployment

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