23 Dec 2018

Written assignment

•Be at least 500 words long.

•Conform to the rubrics based on the course instructions.

•This paper will require that you display your ability express written communication skills, critical thinking, social and personal responsibility in this course. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION:

Describe and explain how the study and application of microeconomics influences the operation of a multinational modern corporation, e.g. Apple, Microsoft, Exxon- Mobil etc. Explain and evaluate how the current policies of large corporations concerning outsourcing, off shoring, automation, environmental, wages/salaries, compensation etc. influences the overall well-being of the national and world economy. Explain your interpretation of alternative methods of improving the economic well-being individuals in various nations, including your social andpersonal Responsibility and displaying some degree of critical thinking.

Follow the instructions below in answering the question:

•Your answer should be a minimum of 500 words.

•Answers should be prepared in paragraph form. The paper should have an Introduction that includes a topic sentence and paragraphs that elaborate different points in support of the topic. Your paper should also have a concluding paragraph that summarizes the topic. Your answer should address all parts of the question.

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24 Dec 2018

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