13 Mar 2019

Select a research topic of your choice and based on the research proposal guidelines below, briefly describe the information required under each section (DO NOT WRITE A PROPOSAL AND NOTE THAT research topics that are not related to your field of study will not be considered/accepted).

Research Proposal Guidelines
1. Title (must be related to your field of study)
2. Background to the research problem
3. Statement of research problem
4. Objectives of the research
5. Research questions
6. Research methodology
6.1 Research design
6.2 Population
6.3. Sample
7. Data
7.1 Data sources
7.2 Data collection and recording
7.2 Data analysis
8. Significance/Importance of the research
9. Ethical considerations
10. Limitations of the research
11. Delimitations of the research
12. References

I am doing Bachelor degree in Accounting, and my research topic is: Financial services to the rural population: a study on the challenges of retail banking.

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Trinidad Tremblay
Trinidad TremblayLv2
15 Mar 2019

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