5 Jul 2019

1. _____ refers to the negotiation process through which management and unions reach an agreement.

a) Profit Sharing
b) Reverse Discrimination
c) Orientation
d) Affirmative Action
e) Collective Bargaining

2. In which of the following cases is an organization implementing an affirmative action program?

a) BlueGreen Tech. introduced extended healthcare coverage for all its employees.
b) Riverside Productions introduced a cafeteria-style benefits package, allowing employees to choose the benefits they receive.
c) GenTech institutes an 80/20 policy that allows employees to work on their own research projects for one day a week.
d) Jabal Manufacturing focuses its recruitment efforts on high-school students living in one area around its factories.
e) Franks Inc. instituted policies to increase the promotions of women into senior positions.

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Collen Von
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5 Jul 2019

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