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IT encompasses the study, use, and service of coputers and communication systems for storing, sending, receiving and manipulation data and information

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  1. Data structures introduction
Easy to Advanced Data Structure Series

Welcome to the Easy to Advanced Data Structure Series, a complete guide to learning everything there is to know about data structures. My name is William, and I will be your instructor throughout these videos. To begin with, a little bit about myself: my passion revolves around algorithms and data structures, which led me to become involved in lots of competitive programming. In 2017, I qualified for the ACM ICPC World Finals programming competition. My current occupation today is as a software engineer for Google, stationed in Mountain View, California at the head office.

What You Will Learn

In this data structures course, you will see how data structures are represented visually through animations. Animations are an essential part of the learning experience, which is why all of my videos include animations accompanied by simple explanations. We will learn how to code various data structures together with simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. For every data structure, we will be going over some working source code to solidify your understanding. I will also be posting various coding exercises and multiple-choice questions to ensure that you can get hands-on experience with the data structures themselves.

We will begin with the easiest and most fundamental data structure, the dynamic array, and then move on to the linked list, followed by the stack data structure, and finally the queue. Moving on to the intermediate data structures, we will dive into the heap-based priority queue, followed by a personal favorite of mine, the union-find. Lastly, we will cover binary trees and binary search trees and what they are both good for.

After this, we will look at the advanced section, which will go into great depth on the hash table and multiple occlusion resolution techniques, as well as the lesser-known data structure, the Fenwick tree, which boasts efficiency in range sum queries. Those are the data structures I have for you at the moment, and I will keep adding more as time goes on. Thank you for watching, and I hope you can join me in this easy-to-advanced data structure series!

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You have decided to start a savings account because you would like to go on holiday with a friend 
and you need to keep track of your deposits, interest paid, balance and tax liabilities. Your goal is 
to save for three months.
You have spent some time comparing various savings options to get the most growth out of your 
savings. That means the higher the interest rate, the more your money will increase. The savings 
account you have chosen offers the best interest rates which are based on a sliding scale on the 
balance of your account. 
Definition: A sliding scale is a system in which the interest rate which is paid changes because of 
other conditions. For example: 
• The more money you earn, the more tax you must pay; 
• The more money you invest in savings, the higher interest rate you will receive.
(per month)
Less than R2 000 2%
Greater than or equal to R2 000 but less 
than R5 000
Greater than or equal to R5 000 6%
The South African Revenue Services (SARS) will deduct 25% tax of the interest paid into your 
account each month (from the profit you make every month), i.e., the interest paid to you by the 
Write the pseudocode for the following scenario. 
The input into the program will be:
• Account number (numeric)
• Amount of the deposit (numeric)
• Month (numeric)
22; 23 2023
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The program must do the following:
• Ask the user to enter the account number twice and compare the two account numbers to 
each other in order to verify that the correct account is being accessed. This is to ensure 
you will make your deposit into the correct account. If the two account numbers entered 
do not match, then display an appropriate message and ask the user to re-enter the two 
account numbers again. 
• The minimum monthly deposit is R500. Check that the deposited amount is R500 or more. 
If it is less than R500, then the program must prompt you to re-enter an amount to deposit 
until you specify an amount of R500 or more.
• Use a case structure to convert the numeric month to a string month name. 
o E.g., 1 will be January and 2 will be February, etc. 
• Check the account balance against the range of values to determine the interest rate (from 
the table above).
• Calculate the interest payable and add the interest payable to your account balance.
• Calculate the tax due to SARS (25%) and deduct this from your account balance. 
• Print out a balance statement each time you make a deposit so you can keep track of your 
account balance. The balance statement must include the following information: 
o Opening Balance; 
o Deposit; 
o Interest Earned; 
o Tax due to SARS;
o Closing Balance

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