What does it mean to differentiate a function?

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To take the derivative means to differentiate something.

Derivative is to find the slope at any instant. A derivative is an agreement between two gatherings which determines its esteem/cost from a basic resource. The most well-known sorts of subsidiaries are fates, choices, advances and swaps. It is a money related instrument which infers its esteem/cost from the underlying resources.

d/dx (f(x) )or f'(x).

The formula we use for this is

d/dx (f(x))=limh→0 (f(x+h)−f(x))/h

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz invented the term derivative in the mid of 17 century.

One such development came in the field of trade exchanged derivative when ranchers understood that finding purchasers for the items had turned into an issue. They made a joint market called the "Chicago Board of Trade". A couple of years after the fact, this market advanced into the first since ever derivative advertise.

Example 1

What is the derivative of x?


The derivative of x is 1.

Example 2

What is the derivative of 1?


The derivative of 1 is 0.

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