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Using sound as its medium, music is an artform that combines vocal techniques and instruments to produce harmonies and express emotions.

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26 Jan 2022


Read all of the instructions carefully and remember to put your name on it!

Name of the Play:Comedy of errors 



6 Elements of Theatre: 


Plot All plots have a beginning, middle and end. Use complete sentences to explain the plot of

the story.




Initial Incident


Rising Action




Falling Action




Character Characters that seem to have deep and complex personalities are known as three

dimensional characters. Some characters are two dimensional. Name and describe the three main characters in the play. Explain if they are Three Dimensional or Two Dimensional.








Thought "What's the moral of the story?" What is the "Theme?" The thought of a play/movie

can be found by asking "What does it mean?"

Diction Sometimes in a play (or a movie) it's not what is said, it's how it's said. And yes, even

songs count as part of diction, but make sure you focus on why specific songs are being sung.

Describe the diction used in the movie, how does it help aid in the story telling?

Music In today's theatre, there is sometimes a music soundtrack—this appears much more in

movies.Describe what kind of soundtrack this play would need to enhance its themes and message.

Spectacle When one thinks of a Broadway show, this is what one often things of: Spectacle..

Spectacle includes the set design, costumes, properties (the things the actors hold like swords,

etc.), lighting and special effects. Describe the variety of spectacles you witnessed in the play


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