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Psychology is the study of mind behavior and mind. It concerns the biological influences, social pressures, and environmental factors that affect how people think, act, and feel.

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7 Nov 2022

First Task: The Exercise for Your Imagination
John Rawls introduces his reader to several concepts fundamental to a thorough account of the idea of justice: Liberty; equality; rights; and fairness. But he is deservedly of philosophical interest because of the way he fulfills his aim, which is “...To present a conception of justice which generalizes and carries to a higher level of abstraction the familiar theory of the social contract as found in Locke, Rousseau, and Kant” (Pojman 620, Lt). Rawls introduces an imaginary device in order to establish the conditions under which “the principles of justice for the basic structure of society...would (be accepted)” (620 Lm). It is these conditions, Rawls’ “initial position of equality,” and his device for establishing them, “the veil of ignorance,” that I would have you think about for your exercise (620 Lm and 620 Rm): “The veil of ignorance...ensures that no one is advantaged or disadvantaged in the choice of principles by the outcome of natural chance or the contingency of social circumstances” (620 Rm).

As an exercise of the imagination, you are asked, as Rawls asks us all, to imagine yourself in the “initial position of equality” under “the veil of ignorance.” Discover for yourself if doing so is or is not conducive to a genuine sense of fairness, as you prepare to make “one of the most general of all choices which persons might make together, namely ...the choice of the first principles of a conception of justice which is to regulate all subsequent criticism and reform of institutions” (621 Lt).

Second Task: The Writing Assignment
Please number your responses:
1. Describe your experience. Take the time to do so as completely as you are able.
2. How did this exercise affect your understanding of the section titled “The Reasoning Leading to the Two Principles of Justice” (624 Lm). It requires an effort to do so, but try to justify your response with direct reference to your own experience of imagining and reading, not to associations or thoughts gathered from any other source. Provide\ relevant quotations to focus your reader’s attention.
3. Relate your experience to Rawls’ “Two Principles of Justice,” especially concerning his denying “exchanges between basic liberties and economic and social benefits” (624 Rb). Be as descriptive as you are able, using direct quotations as support.
4. What is your opinion of Rawls’ “General Conception” (627 Rb)? Use quotations to assist in your explanation.

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25 Sep 2022
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13 Sep 2022

Having my first discussion assessment due soon but could use help, I have to explain if if I agree or don’t agree with them (I agree with both of them but not sure what to write) the response needs to be 6 sentences in length for each.

1) Give an example of when you feel that this method is the best approach.
The Socratic Method consisted of asking people questions about matters they presumably knew something about. Socrates would usually begin by asking for a definition of a concept like 'justice'. I believe it is an effective way of learning especially in a setting where it takes one a certain level of "know-how" l'd call it because it is engaging the student to stimulate their own answers and understanding. I took chemistry Summer 22' and my professor would always begin class or a new topic with a question such as "What do you think ___is?" We'd all answer. He then would say "why do you think this?" and if we were wrong he would tell us but if not, he would further explain the details behind it. So, he had me engaged from the moment he walked in. He also used a chalkboard so that brought back the nostalgia of when I was back in elementary school learning new things every day.

2) Give an example of when you feel that the Socratic method is ineffective.
I feel the Socratic method would not be effective in a courtroom. I believe this because the person being questioned will feel the need to hide what He or She knows. This will result in the complete opposite results desired from this method. Or maybe at a seminar when one's purpose is to explain and give information. For example at an apple device release.
I do believe the socratic method is a good strategy to learn because you tend to go back and forth on a discussion until you get to the point that you have been trying to prove. This way you are breaking down the discussion into smaller parts, making it easier to comprehend.
1) I would say the Socratic Method would be highly effective in the court of law. I have seen this play out in a few shows as well like Caso Cerrado and Dr. Phill. Where the interviewer will ask a few questions to get to the bottom of a conflict and depending on the interviewee's response, the interviewer will continue to ask questions until he/ she breaks and tells the truth or the way things actually are.
2) An example where the Socratic method would not work would be in a situation where the discussions has an indefinite amount of answers. For example " what is the purpose of life" ? One could argue that we are simply here as animals and our sole purpose is to repopulate the earth. On the other hand we could also say that we create our own purpose here, we decide what we will do with our lives. But who's to say that both answers are incorrect? Here the socratic method would continue in an endless loop.
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