9 Nov 2019

You are designing atwo-string instrument with metal strings 35.0 cm long as shown inthe figure. Both strings are under the same tension. String S_1 hasa mass of 8.00 g and produces the note middle C (frequency 262 Hz)in its fundamental mode

a)What should be the Tension in the string?

b) What should be the mass of the string S_2 so that it willproduce A-Sharp (frequency 466 Hz) as its fundamental?

c)To extend the range of your instrument, you include a fretlocated just under the strings but not normally touching them. Howfar from the upper end should you put the fret so that when youpress S_1 tightly against it, this string will produce a C-Sharp(frequency 277 Hz) in its fundamental? That is, What is x in thefigure?

d) If you press S_2 against the fret, what frequency of sound willit produce in its fundamental?

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Nestor Rutherford
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2 Jan 2019

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