12 Nov 2019

A system consists of a vertical spring with force constantk=1,250N/m, length L=1.50m, and object of mass m=5.00kg attached tothe end. The objects is placed at the level of the point ofattachment with the spring un-stretched, at positionyi=L, and then it is released so that it swings like apendulum. (a) Write Newton's second law symbolically for the systemas the object passes through it's lowest point. (Note that at thelowest point, r=L-yf) (b) Write the conservation ofenergy equation symbolically, equating the total mechanicalenergies at the initial point and lowest point. (c) Find thecoordinate position of the lowest point. (d) Will this pendulum'speriod be greater or less than the period of a simple pendulum withthe same mass m and length mass L? Explain.

If your deriving a formula can you show me how you derivedbecause my teacher counts off if we don't derive the formulas.Thank you!

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