19 Nov 2019

A circuit is constructed with five resistors and a battery asshown. The battery voltage is V = 12 V. The values for theresistors are: R1 = 62 O, R2 = 108 O, R3 = 172 O, and R4 = 133 O.The value for RX is unknown, but it is known that I4, the currentthat flows through resistor R4, is zero.

What is V2, the magnitude of the voltage across theresistor R2?

What is I2, the magnitude of the current that flowsthrough the resistor R2?
What is RX, the value of the unknown resistorRX?
What is V1, the magnitude of the voltage across theresistor R1?
If the value of the resistor R2 were doubled, keepingthe values of R1, R4, and RX fixed, how would the value of theresistor R3 have to change in order to keep the current through R4equal to zero?
a. R3 would need to be increased
b. R3 would need to be decreased
c. R3 would not need to be changed
d.There is no change that could be made to R3 to keep thecurrent through R4 equal to zero

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