23 Nov 2019

During your biking tour of the Pacific Northwest, you decidetooutdo those latte-guzzling ecotopians at their own game. Insteadofthe four toxic and disposable 1.5-volt batteries suggested foryourwalkabout CD player, you will place a 2.0 m conductingwandacross your handlebars. Pedaling furiously in adirectionperpendicular to the local magnetic field, you wish to gofastenough to induce a potential difference of 6.0 V (equivalenttofour batteries in series). (a) The strength of the Earth'smagneticfield at your location is 5.0×10−5 T. Howfast will you need to go?(b) Is this speed street-legal? (c) Themagnetic declination at yourlocation is 19°. At what anglefrom geographic north should youtravel to maximize the potentialdifference of yourenvironment-friendly arrangement?

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Nelly Stracke
Nelly StrackeLv2
12 Aug 2019

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