23 Nov 2019

A few multiple choice questions im having trouble with...

1. If a star formation switched off in a spiral galaxy, whichpartof it would get fainter? Bulge, disk, halo, dark matter orglobularclusters?

2. What is the essential difference between formation of spiralandelliptical galaxies?
a. random motions of stars are larger in ellipticals?
b. spiral galaxies had a more recent tidal encounter withanothergalaxy?
c. ellipticals form stars before they collapse; spiral formstarsafter they collapse?
d. spiral galaxies rotate faster
e. ellipticals had a more recent violent encounter withanothergalaxy?

3. The temperature of the background radiation is almost the sameinall directions
a. this is suprising, because the radiation from oppositedirectionsin the sky is comming from places that are beyong eachothers lighttravel horizon
b. this is expected because the big bang was a veryhomogenousexplosion
c. this was a measurement error in early observationsnowdiscredited.
d. the statement is not true, the temperature shows alargefluctuation all over the sky
e. none

thanks in advance!!!

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Elin Hessel
Elin HesselLv2
12 Jan 2019

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