23 Nov 2019

1. Can two equipotential surfaceswithdifferent potential values ever intersect or cross? Answer andexplain briefly.

2. Do the numerical valuesofequipotentials get larger or smaller the closer theequipotentialsare to a negative charge? Answer and explainbriefly.

1. In the Lab Overview to Part 2,theclaim was made that the Excel standard deviation of the4-elementdata set of slopes should be of the same order ofmagnitude as theindividual slope uncertainties recorded from eachseparateexperiment. Is it? Also as part of your answer,calculatethe ratio of the two quantities mentioned above, andstate theresult.

2. For the slope-value withthesmallest uncertainty, compare the magnitude of thedifferencebetween that slope-value and the 4-slope Excel average totwice themagnitude of the sum of the 4-set uncertainty and theindividualslope uncertainty corresponding to your chosen slope-value. Is it true that the latter quantity is larger than thefirst?

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Deanna Hettinger
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17 Jun 2019

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