23 Nov 2019

Please help with these questions !!&lt;br /&gt;<BR>1. A rope is towing a 100 kg rock, from rest, with a force of 10 N that varies with time. At the end of 8.0 sec, the velocity of the rock is?&lt;br /&gt;<BR>Answer is: zero&lt;br /&gt;<BR>&lt;br /&gt;<BR>2. A 3 kg mass is positioned at (0,8) and a 1 kg mass is postioned at (12,0). What are the coordinates of a 4 kg mass which will result in the center of the mass of the system of three masses being located at the origin (0,0)?&lt;br /&gt;<BR>The answer is (-3,-6)&lt;br /&gt;<BR>&lt;br /&gt;<BR>3. A car traveling 20 m/s rounds an 80 m radius horizontal curve with the tires on the verge of slipping. How fast can this car round a second curve of radius 320 m? (assume the same coefficient of friction between the car's tires and each road surface).&lt;br /&gt;<BR>The answer is: 40 m/s&lt;br /&gt;<BR>&lt;br /&gt;<BR>Thanks !! <BR>

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