23 Nov 2019

Hi everyone,
I'm International Students and I have difficault to understand someproblems in physics. I want to do extra work to be ready forMidtearm.
Please if there is any one can help me by showing me how to solveit.
and if u can show me the steps because I will use it asnotes.

1-What are the metric prefixes for ten and tenth?

2-If you multiplied 7774 m by 36 m, how many significant figuresshould you report in your answer?

3-A ball is dropped:
What is its initial speed?
What is the magnitude of its initial acceleration?

4-A jogger jogs two blocks directly north.
(a) How do the jogger's average speed and the magnitude of theaverage velocity compare?
average speed ( ) magnitude of average velocity
(b) If the jogger's return trip follows the same path, how doaverage speed and magnitude of the average velocity compare for thetotal trip?
average speed ( ) magnitude of average velocity

5-A child's cubic play block has a mass of 115 g and sides of 5.2cm. When placed in a bath tub full of water, will the cube sink orfloat?
(sink) or (float)

6-A ball with a radius of 8 cm and a mass of 550 g is thrown into alake. Will the ball sink or float?
(sink) or (float)

7-Persons A and B do the same job, but B takes longer
Who does the greater amount of work?
person A, person B, Or all the same
Who is more "powerful"?
Person A or Person B

8- Which two renewable energy sources depend on the weather?(Select all that apply.)

9- The two common liquids used in liquid-in-glass thermometers arealcohol (ethanol) and mercury, which have melting points andboiling points of -114°C, 79°C and -39°C, 357°C,respectively.
Which one of these thermometers would be better for low temperaturemeasurements?
(alcohol or mercury)
Which one of these thermometers would be better for hightemperature measurements?
(alcohol or mercury)

10-What determines the phase of a substance? (Select all thatapply.)
amount of the substance

11-What is the difference between a longitudinal wave and atransverse wave?

Longitudinal wave: particle displacement is (---) parallelperpendicular to wave velocity.
Transverse wave: particle displacement is ( ------) perpendicularparallel to wave velocity.

Give an example of a longitudinal wave.
(sound wave in air OR
light wave)
Give an example of a transverse wave.
(sound wave in air Or
light wave)

12-Which end (blue or red) of the visible spectrum has the shorterwavelength?
Which has the lower frequency?

13- How long does the image of a 18-in ruler appear in a planemirror?
Does this depend on the distance the ruler is from themirror?
(Yes OR

14-What optical phenomenon causes soap bubbles and oil slicks toshow colorful displays?

15- Which two particles that make up atoms have about the samemass? (Select all that apply.)

16- Which two have the same magnitude of electric charge? (Selectall that apply.)

17- Name one phenomenon that can only be explained by light havinga wave nature.
photoelectric effect

18- How are frequency and wavelength of an electromagnetic waverelated?
higher the frequency, longer the wavelength
higher the frequency, shorter the wavelength
the frequency and wavelength are not direclty related

19- What other name is often used to refer to the electron cloudmodel of the atom?
plum pudding model
billiard ball model
quantum model
nuclear model
planetary model

20- What are the names of the elements with the followingsymbols?
(a) Ne
(b) Li
(c) He

21- After 4 half-lives have gone by, what fraction of a sample of aradioactive isotope remains? (Write your answer in fractionform.)

22- What are the most common names for these compounds andions?
(a) N2O
(b) HCl
(c) C2H3O2 ?
(d) PO43-

23- What is the formula for the common household compound known astable salt? (Type your answer using the format CO2 for CO2.)

24- What element has the lowest electronegativity?
What element has the second highest electronegativity?

Give the Stock system name for the following.
(a) Cr(OH)2
(b) CuCl2
(c) AuBr3

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