23 Nov 2019

Two small identical conducting spheres are separated by a distanceL horizontally that is much larger than their radii. The leftmostof the two spheres experiences a force F directed to the right dueto the presence of the second sphere. The two spheres are broughtinto contact and 5x10^12 electrons are transferred from one sphereto the other (the charge of an electron is 1.6x10^-19 Coulombs).The spheres are then separated by a distance L again and theleftmost sphere experiences a force of magnitude 4/5 F.

A) Describe the initial charge of the two spheres. Explain yourreasoning

B) What is the direction of the force on the leftmost sphere afterthe objects have been in contact? Explain.

C) Write an expression relating the magnitude of the force beforethe spheres touch to that after they touch.

D) Imagine that the two charged objects had charges of Q1 and Q2.When they are touched they transfer an amount of charge ?Q. Writean expression involving Q1and Q2 (total, two expressions) in termsof the total charge of the system(1) and the amount of chargetransferred (2).

E) Using the expression for E, find equations for Q1and Q2 in termsof the total charge and ?Q

F) Find the initial charge on each of the spheres before they weretouched.

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