1. Why does FM Radio sound better than AM Radio for music?

  Because FM stations don’t transmit as far so the signal is stronger
  Because FM broadcast allows modulation frequencies of 100-15,000 Hz.
  Because only music stations broadcast on FM
  Because FM is a new technology

2. This is a dish antenna with a lot of gain, designed to communicate with deep space satellites. The radio antenna pictured above has motors that point it at satellites.   Why does the antenna need to move to work?

  Putting big motors on things always makes them better
  The magnetic field of the earth interferes with the electromagnetic waves generated. By moving the antenna this can be corrected for.
  It needs to point at the satellites to keep the focused waves on the satellites
  It needs to change its orientation so it will not look directly at the sun.

3. Why do radio stations use 1/4-wave antenna?

  They are really small compared to other antennas.
  They are really easy to make
  They are really common, so why not?
  They radiate in all radial directions equally so they reach people all around

4. ‘The Jack’ radio station in Dallas broadcasts on 100.3 FM. They use a 1/4-wave antenna to broadcast. How long is this antenna?

  15.3 m
  0.254 m
  0.747 m
  1.992 m

5. The sampling rate used for storing music on a CD is ________?

  48,000 samples/sec
  22,050 samples/sec
  44,100 samples/sec
  8,000 samples/sec

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