10 Feb 2019

I am so lost onwere to even begin. I just need help trying to find the Ѳ (angle)for part part 1 of the experiment if anyone can just explain how todo that and maybe give me a step-by-step example so I can finishthe rest. Thank you! Experiment 6 ~ Friction


In this lab, you will make some basic measurements of friction.You will measure the coefficients of staticfriction between several combinations of surfaces using aninclined plane, and you will measure the coefficient ofkinetic friction between two of the combinationsof surfaces you used in the static friction part of thisexperiment.

Part 1: StaticFriction


The coefficient of static frictionms can be measured experimentally foran object placed on an inclined plane (a.k.a. ramp, a.k.a. hill).The coefficient of static friction is related to the criticalangle qc for the ramp, at whichthe object just begins to slide. Using what we havecovered in class, you can derive this relationshipyourself! At this critical angle, static friction preventing theobject from sliding down the hill is just exactly equal to thecomponent of the object’s weight along the hill. If the componentof the weight along the hill were just a little greater, it wouldovercome friction, and the object would start to slide down. Thefree body diagram for this situation will look like the figuresketched below. Use this diagram to find an equation that relatesms toqc.


1. How do the values of ms compareto the values of mk? (Of course, youcan only compare them for the same pairs of materials.)

2. Is the relationship betweenmsand mkwhat you expected?

3. Of the two parts of the experiment, measurement ofmsand measurement ofmk, which had more sources of error?What were some of the sources of error?

4. Could mk orms ever be greater than 1? Explain whyor why not.

5. Is the coefficient of friction the same as when the block wasstanding on its larger (or smaller) end?

6. Think about your results. Do they make sense when youconsider your everyday experiences?

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13 Feb 2019

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