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Psychology is the study of mind behavior and mind. It concerns the biological influences, social pressures, and environmental factors that affect how people think, act, and feel.

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5 Mar 2022

Topic 1

Milly and Peggy are neighbors. Peggy’s boy-friend Raymond died recently and Milly had not seen Peggy for weeks. One day, Milly met Peggy at the corridor and Peggy was taking a suitcase with her.

Milly said, “Hi, Peggy, how are you? Are you going to travel?”

Peggy looked peaceful and replied, “Hi, Milly. I am fine….I am…..”

Milly said, “I know that Raymond has….Well, anyway, are you going to travel? There is quarantine everywhere. Where are you going?

Peggy replied, “Korea.”

Milly asked, “What…? The pandemic there is still very severe. Do you have to go now?”

“Well…Milly. It’s not that…..simple. But I am really excited to go.” Peggy replied.

Milly said, “Not that simple….what do you mean? Don’t do anything stupid.”

Peggy said, “Stupid of not…I don’t know. But I deeply believe in it. Have you heard of the movie ‘There is another You in this world’ ”?

Milly said, “Yeah. It’s good. I watched it on Netflax”

Peggy said, “Master Seven told me that what the movie says is true. In this world, there is another you, me and Raymond etc. Usually we are not able to see the other self because we are in different channels.”

Milly asked, “Master Seven?”

Peggy said, “Yeah. The one that you can see on TV. She is a great fortune teller and Fung Shui Master. My mum is her good friend. Recently I have been depressed and my mum took me to see Master Seven. She treated me. She also told me about this multiple-self theory.”

Milly said, “This is….incredible. Do you really believe in it?

Peggy said, “Of course. Master loves you…and everyone. She also said that Raymond’s another self is in Korea now. He has the same appearance and character as my deceased boy-friend. If I go there to meet him, we can continue our relationship.”

Milly said, “Peggy, I understand that you must be sad right now. But you have to keep your mind clear.”   

Peggy showed Milly her mobile phone, on which there is an Instagram account of a Korean guy; and the guy looks exactly like Raymond!

Milly asked, “So you believe that this is Raymond’s another self’?”

Peggy said, “You got me. Master Seven has made friends with this Korean guy and found that there are a lot of similarities between him and Raymond. Their hobbies and living style are the same!”

Milly said, “So you are going to Korea now. Aren’t you? Peggy, the pandemic there is more severe than that in Hong Kong. Think twice. It’s too risky.”

Peggy said, “Master Seven has performed some religious ritual on me, and she gave me some magic water to drink. I will be fine.”

Milly asked, “But where do you meet this guy?”

Peggy said, “Master Seven gave me an address. She said when I arrive there the guy will be there waiting for me.”

Milly said, “Sorry. I can’t believe in this. This is too unnatural and there is no concrete evidence.”

Peggy said, “Milly, I know you are a supporter of the correspondence theory of truth. But I am a believer of the coherence theory of truth. There are lots of things which you don’t require evidence to believe, right? Just like you believe that Napoleon existed. I know that you don’t believe in Master Seven because you don’t know her. But I know her well, and I have his Instagram account here. See….”   

Milly asked, “When will your flight depart?”

Peggy replied, “Master Seven asked me to take the flight CCAH4016. It departs at midnight. Milly: “Do you mind spending a while with me and let me analyze the case with you?”

Peggy said, “Ok. There is still some time, so I think I can.”


Continue Milly and Peggy’s conversation. In the end, one side should be reasonably convinced by the other. (If Milly is convinced by Peggy, she will let Peggy go. If Peggy is convinced by Milly, she will stay in Hong Kong.)

Write the dialogue in 800 words.

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