1) A doctor and his assistant are studying patients with visuospatial neglect. They 36 patients who just had strokes that damaged their right hemispheres. 16 of these patients have been diagnosed with visuospatial neglect based on their attention test score of 53 or less (normal test score is <236 ). These visuospatial neglect patients recovery is then tracked over a period of 2 weeks, that is their attention test score are observed after varying periods of time. All the patients recover expect 6 who seem to have made no recovery. a) What is a plausible hypothesis for this study? b) What is the independent variable? c) What is the dependent variable? d) Is this study an experiment? Explain e) What can u infer about the recovery from visuospatial neglect

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Irving Heathcote
Irving HeathcoteLv2
11 Sep 2018
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