1. Matt the Manager wants to estimate the mean wait time for customers to check out in his Mini-Market. He randomly selects 40 customers and determines the mean wait time is 2.7 minutes. Define the following for this exercise:Experimental Unit or Individual: Is the data collected qualitative or quantitative?Variable (x):Population of Interest:Sample:Parameter of Interest:Statistic:Do you expect the parameter and the statistic to be the same value? Explain.Discuss the use of descriptive and inferential statistics in this exercise.Is the variable, x, discrete or continuous?
2. Identify the populationand samplefor the following examples:a)The P.E. Coach of a middle school interested in the mean height for the 7thgraders in the school. He randomly selects 40 7thgraders and measures the height of each.Population: 7thgraders Sample: 40 7thgraders chosenb)A community college notices that an increasing number of full-time students are working while attending school. The administration randomly selects 200 students and determines how may hours per week each students works.
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