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MCGILLHIST 328James Bruce BonkFall

HIST 328 Study Guide - Final Guide: Qianlong Emperor, Yangzhou Massacre, Yongzheng Emperor

OC10572113 Page
16 Dec 2013
It is the capital of the xinjiang province (new territory province). Although a city in a predominately muslim region, it was founded by the qing empir
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MCGILLMGCR 382Richard KoestnerFall

International Business Class Notes

OC1057211 Page
16 Dec 2013
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MCGILLATOC 184Imad MansourWinter

ATOC 184 Lecture Notes - Physical Law, Hot Air Balloon, Ageostrophy

OC10572110 Page
27 Mar 2013
Absolute zero= zero kelvin where molecules stop moving. Celcius= linked with water (vs human comfort) 100 celcius= water boils. Warmest and coldest tem
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