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WESTERNKinesiology 1088A/BRobert La RoseFall

Midterm # 1 Notes All notes up to the first midterm ( approx October, 22 / Notes are properly formated ( bullets, spacing , highlights) Notes also include all diagrams and graphs that La Rose likes to include. Also includes ALL exam topics covered. Notes

OC1743535 Page
16 Oct 2011
A] consider how psychological factors effect an individual. B] how participation in sport and exercise effects an individual psychological development,
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WESTERNPhysiology 1021Barry TeppermanWinter

Physiology 1021 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Digestion, Esophagus

OC1743513 Page
16 Oct 2011
Basic function of the gut is to take in nutrients, break them down and absorb them. Does them through the 3 major functions of the gut: secretion ( 2 m
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