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U OF APSYCO104ChesterWinter

PSYCO 104 Lecture 1: Psych 104 - FULL semeseter

OC37490436 Page
19 Aug 2015
7804920065 (*dont worry about modules 4 and 5, only do modules 1-3 on info literacy) Deadlines for psych: feb 10, feb 24, march 9, march 30. Greek insc
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U OF AECON323Robert WhiteFall

ECON 323 Lecture 1: Econ 323 - intl economics - FULL semester

OC37490443 Page
19 Aug 2015
Quantity of demand (qd) = a - bp. Alpha = measures relative preference for m good. Pt is usa"s terms of trade (exports: imports) A variable with a dot
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U OF AECON281Susan KampWinter

ECON 281 Lecture 1: Lecture and Textbook notes (FULL semester)

OC37490435 Page
19 Aug 2015
S": diminishing returns - cost more to continue a higher production of output. The market mechanism: equilibrium: market mechanism refers to the tenden
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U OF AANTHR101Francois LaroseWinter

ANTHR 101 Chapter 11,12,14,15,16,18,19: anthro 101

OC37490425 Page
19 Aug 2015
Directed change: applied anthropology, the use of anthropological knowledge and techniques for the purpose of solving. The rst part of the nal exam wil
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