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hi this answer rate answer please thanx you 1.PROCESS COSTING It is used when ...
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Following is the formula of regression estimator: ŷ = b0 + b1x Following is th...
Elasticity of demand differs from commodity to commodity. Not only that, elast...

Problem 1 (2 points). Every month a clothing store conducts an inventory and calculates the losses due to theft. The store would like to reduce these losses and is considering two methods to do so: the first is to hire a security guard and the second is to install cameras. The manager of the store has conducted the experiment: During the first 6 months he hired a security guard (method 1) and during the next 6 months he installed cameras (method 2). The monthly losses were reported as follows:

Security guard 350 289 407 398 470 259 Cameras 488 301 276 380 421 425

a/ Test with a=0.05 to determine whether there is enough evidence to conclude that expected monthly loss when installing cameras differs from 382. b/Since the cameras are cheaper than the guard, the manager would prefer to install the cameras unless there was enough evidence to infer that the guard was better. Conduct a hypothesis testing to advise what the manager should do? (Assuming equal variances and using a= 0.05)

Problem 2 (2 points). A supermarket chain performed a survey to help determine desirable locations for its new stores. The management of the chain wanted to know whether a linear relationship exists between weekly take home pay (s) and weekly food expenditures (y). A random sample of eight households produced the data shown in the following table Household 1 3 7 8 2 4 5 6 550 450 560 340 510 710 470 660

170 100 160 80 120 190 140 140 Y

a/ Find the least square regression line.

b/Perform the test Ho: Bi=0, H4: B10 (using a = 0.05) to determine whether there is enough evidence to infer that a linear relationship exists between weekly take home pay (s) and weekly food expenditures (y).

Problem 1 solve
sry i make length 73.7 its same way a)R=2*73.7=147.4 cmb)1/v-1/u=1/f1/v=1/73.7...
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1. Bright field microscope or compound microscope - Natural state 2. Fluoresce...
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1. The nurse working in a long-term care facility incorporates a focused assessment of
the immune system for all newly admitted patients over the age of 65. Older adults

are more likely to develop problems related to immune function than are middle-
aged people. The focused immune assessment includes a systemic approach based

on age-related changes in immunologic function. (Learning Objective 4)
a. What changes in the immune system in the older adult increase the incidence of
infection and cancer in this population?
b. Explain why older adults may have decreased inflammatory responses.
c. Why are older adults at increased risk of gastroenteritis and diarrhea secondary
to proliferation of intestinal organisms?

2. The nurse educator for an oncology unit is preparing an in-service presentation for
new nurses about the care of patients with immunodeficiencies. Patients with cancer
who are receiving chemotherapy, as well as those with bone marrow transplants, are
immunocompromised and require special attention to assess for signs of infection.
The nurse educator focuses on special care needs of this patient population.
a. What is the rationale for assessing the pulse and respiratory rates for 1 full
minute in a patient with immunodeficiency?
b. What special precautions about dietary restrictions and food preparation should
be included in the teaching for a patient with immunodeficiency?
c. What nursing actions should be implemented to decrease the risk of infection in
the patient with immunodeficiency?
3. Molly Baker, a 22-year-old patient, presents to the clinic with the diagnosis of
allergic rhinitis. She states that she develops paroxysmal sneezing, clear nasal
drainage and congestion, watery, red eyes, and nasal itching from the late spring
until the first frost in the fall. She states that she has a dry cough and voice
hoarseness. She complains of feeling extremely tired, unable to sleep at night, and
having difficulty concentrating on her collegiate course work.
a. What further assessment should the nurse provide?

  1. Ellie Long, a 55-year-old patient, presents to the pain clinic with the diagnosis of
    fibromyalgia syndrome. The nurse at the clinic obtains a history and physical
    assessment of the patient. (Learning Objective 2)
    a. On what areas should the nurse concentrate when interviewing the patient
    during the history process?
    b. On what areas should the nurse concentrate when assessing the patient?
    c. What diagnostic tests are used with fibromyalgia syndrome?
a) immune system helps to protect our body from foreign bodies.Immune system p...
Plotter - A device that draws pictures on paper based on commandsfrom a comput...
As a cyber security student my role in cyber security is security administrato...

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Enzymes are produced by a living organisms and they function as catalyst to ac...

Plastic Co Pte Ltd (‘Plastico’) is a Fiji company. The company has issued and paid up capital of $250,000 held in equal parts by two brothers. The company’s business involves making plastic products for the local market.


The brothers are planning to emigrate to New Zealand and wish to sell the company. An agreement in principle is reached for X to buy the company for $1 million. This is a cash sale.


Presume that you are wealthy and a longtime friend of X.


X comes to see you. She explains that she has in hand $800,000 (from her own savings and bank financing) and is short $200,000 to close the deal. X wants you to loan her $200,000. X has two specific proposals as follows.


Proposal One

Plastico is an old company. When founded it established its factory on the outskirts of Suva. Since that time Suva has grown and spread with the consequence that the land on which the factory stands is today much more valuable than when the factory was built. X has had the land valued at $300,000.


X has found alternative factory premises on the outskirts of modern Suva that would be suitable for the company. These premises are for sale for $100,000.


X proposes that you lend her $200,000 for four months only. X will acquire Plastico. The company’s new directors, X and her husband, will have Plastico sell its current factory and relocate to the premises already identified. The relocation will provide net cash of $200,000. Plastico will then pay a dividend of $200,000. X will use the distribution to repay your loan.


Proposal Two

X proposes that you lend her $200,000. This will be a longer term loan of say 6 years to be paid down incrementally over the life of the loan. Plastico will retain its present factory premises. As security for the loan, Plastico’s new directors, X and her husband, will have Plastico grant you a first mortgage over the current factory premises. Given the valuation placed on the premises the loan will be almost risk free.


Further details of both proposals provide an attractive return for you on the financing.



Consider each proposal separately and in turn.

Does the proposal offend any of the capital maintenance rules?



[Note ‘agreement in principle’ refers to a situation where two parties have agreed on all the terms of a deal (i.e. contract) but have not yet formally committed to the deal. In this story the parties (X and the two brothers) will only sign the contact document detailing the agreement when X has lined up the required cash of $1 million.]

As to the loan giver, the proposals must be valued after taking into considera...
Gross Domestic Product(GDP) is measure of countries weatlth or economy. GDP is...

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