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Answer: F F T
Answer:C. Cell line C grows quickly and is quite successful when the cellsare ...
Answer:C. Cell line C grows quickly and is quite successful when the cellsare ...
Answer:C. Cell line C grows quickly and is quite successful when the cellsare ...
Answer:Cell line D grows quickly and is impervious to DNA damaging radiation, ...
Answer: B

2. In eukaryotic cells, _________determine the amount of mRNA arising from a particular gene.

a. transcriptional-level controls

b. RNA processing-level controls

c. translational-level controls

d. replication-level controls

e. b and c

3. In eukaryotic cells, _________determine how a primary transcript is converted to mature mRNA

a. transcriptional-level controls

b. RNA processing-level controls

c. translational-level controls

d. replication-level controls

e. a and d

4. In eukaryotic cells, _________determine when a particular mRNA is actually used in protein synthesis.

a. transcriptional-level controls

b. RNA processing-level controls

c. translational-level controls

d. replication-level controls

e. None of the above because protein synthesis takes place immediately

5. Under what circumstances do cells selectively activate and suppress their genes?

a. at different stages of embryonic development

b. in different tissues

c. exposure to different types of stimuli

d. No such circumstances exist in nature—cells express all their genes throughout life.

e. a, b and c

6. Which statement about the control of gene expression is FALSE?

a. A single gene may be controlled by different transcription factors.

b. A single transcription factor may be necessary for the expression of different genes.

c. Each cell type has a characteristic pattern of gene transcription, which is determined by the particular complement of transcription factors contained in that cell. d. Expression of protein genes is primarily controlled in nucleoli

e. Control of gene transcription is complex and influenced by various circumstances.

7. What is thought to maintain X chromosome inactivation in females?

a. DNA acetylation

b. DNA methylation

c. RNA inactivation

d. Histone methylation

e. None of the above because both X chromosomes are active in females and males.

Answer:c. translational-level controls
Answer:d) loss-of-function mutations in the fru gene cause abnormal or absent ...
Answer:increases heat loss by allowing the blood vessels to shed more heat at ...

33. John calls a suicide prevention hot line in a desperate state of helplessness. A well-trained worker should focus John's attention on ____.

a. research evidence that helplessness is a product of operant conditioning

b. the fact that helplessness is a normal reaction to an absurd world

c. specific interpersonal limitations related to his helplessness d. his strengths and resources to cope with his problems

34. Which statement about research on suicide prevention contracts is accurate?

a. There is a lack of research supporting their effectiveness.

b. Almost every study has shown these contracts save lives.

c. These contracts increase risk of nonsuicidal self-harm.

d. These contracts seem to increase risk of suicide.

35. Risk factors for suicide include ____.

a. experiencing a violent crime

b. failing a class

c. recent severe loss

d. adopting a gothic lifestyle

36. Self-harm that is intended to provide relief from negative feelings is referred to as ____.

a. a suicide attempt

b. nonsuicidal self-injury

c. a cry for help

d. attention-seeking behavior

37. Mason hears voices and believes he is Napoleon. Jason shows no emotions, even in situations where strong reactions would be expected. Mason is exhibiting ____ symptoms of schizophrenia, and Jason is exhibiting ____ symptoms.

a. positive; positive

c. negative; positive

b. positive; negative

d. negative; negative

38. "My father poisons my food, and my mother has hired a hit man to shoot me. My boss is plotting to humiliate me, and my neighbor spies on me." These comments illustrate the schizophrenic symptom known as ____.

a. Anhedonia b. catatonia c. delusions of persecution d. delusions of grandeur

39. Angela hears voices that tell her to commit suicide. She also tends to use many neologisms when she speaks and believes that the FBI is spying on her. Which statement regarding Angela is accurate?

a. Angela's negative symptoms are atypical for schizophrenia.

b. Angela exhibits positive symptoms of schizophrenia.

c. Angela exhibits negative symptoms of schizophrenia.

d. Angela could be diagnosed with residual schizophrenia.

40. Eldon, who has schizophrenia, experiences delusions. It is likely that ____.

a. he will become violent in an attempt to protect himself

b. he will never be able to challenge his delusions

c. he will try to provoke his delusions

d. he has limited awareness of how illogical they are

41. Which statement about schizophrenic hallucinations is accurate?

a. Hallucinations are directly related to environmental stimuli.

b. Hallucinations are pathognomonic to schizophrenia.

c. Hallucinations always involve negative stimuli.

d. Hallucinations usually appear to be real to the person with schizophrenia.

42. Mary has schizophrenia and usually shows a total lack of emotion. What is Mary exhibiting?

a. catatonic schizophrenia b. a negative symptom c. avolition d. anhedonia

43. Ardell had a schizophrenic episode and was diagnosed with schizophrenia ten years ago. He was treated successfully with medication and returned to work. Nonetheless, Ardell still has some problems, including peculiar mannerisms and thoughts and unusual affect. What phase of schizophrenia best characterizes Ardell’s current level of functioning?

a. Active phase

b. prodromal phase

c. residual phase

d. recovery, as his schizophrenic episode was 10 years ago active phase

44. Negative symptoms of schizophrenia are associated with ____.

a. poor social functioning

b. loose associations

c. executive functioning

d. better prognosis

45. Which characteristic is considered a negative symptom of schizophrenia?

a. hallucinations c. disorganized speech b. delusions d. avolition

46. One area of support for the dopamine hypothesis is that ____.

a. a drug that increases dopamine activity reduces symptoms

b. high levels of dopamine are found in people with Parkinson's disease

c. high-risk children have lower dopamine levels

d. a drug that blocks dopamine activity reduces symptoms

47. Ron and Jon are identical twins, but only Jon shows the symptoms of schizophrenia. Brain imaging techniques are most likely to show that Jon has ____.

a. more brain tissue than Ron

b. smaller than normal ventricles

c. higher cerebral glucose metabolism

d. ventricle enlargement

48. What is the relationship between family dysfunction and schizophrenia?

a. Family dysfunction is a major causative factor for schizophrenia.

b. Family dysfunction plays a minor role in developing schizophrenia.

c. Research has failed to substantiate a direct causal link between family dysfunction and schizophrenia.

d. Research has substantiated a link between family dysfunction and schizophrenia but can't say which causes the other.

49. Meta-analyses of studies exploring the connection between psychosis and marijuana use conclude that ____.

a. risk of psychosis is decreased by 75 percent in marijuana users

b. heavy use of marijuana increases the risk of psychosis by 50 to 200 percent

c. psychotic symptoms observed with heavy marijuana use are due to the transitory effects of intoxication

d. estimates states that up to 25 percent of the cases of psychosis might not have occurred if marijuana had not been used

50. Because medicated and adequately functioning individuals with schizophrenia have been discharged from hospitals to stressful environments, one logical change in treatment is to ____.

a. provide aversive conditioning therapy

b. reduce the dosage of medication these people take

c. provide skills training to help them deal with stress

d. make the criteria for readmission to the hospital quite strict

Answer: d. his strengths and resources to cope with his problems
Answer: C
Answer: 7 cervical, 12 thoracic, 6 lumbar, 5 sacral 4 coccygeal
Answer:They block binding of transcription factors to cis-acting promoter elem...

11. Which of the following features are not part of the ATP-ADP cycle in biological systems>

a. ATP hydrolysis is used to drive reactions that require an input of free energy

b. The oxidation of fuel molecules forms ADP + Pi from ATP

c. A transmembrane proton-motive force drives ATP synthesis

d. The oxidation of fuel molecules forms ATP from ADP + Pi

12. Why can’t cells use the breakdown of glucose to pyruvate to generate energy without further conversion of pyruvate via fermentation or respiration?

a. The amount of energy produced by glycolysis alone is insufficient to fuel cell growth

b. The electron acceptor reduced during glycolysis must be generated

c. The amount of inorganic phosphate available becomes limiting

d. The rate of energy production by glycolysis alone is too slow for cells’ biochemical reactions

e. The complete breakdown of pyruvate is necessary to produce the carbon dioxide needed by cells

13. If you were studying enzymes involved in the citric acid cycle, you would isolate the following organelle:

a. Nucleus

b. Peroxisomes

c. Mitochondria

d. Lysosomes

e. Endoplasmic reticulum

14. Which of the following enzymes will not be impaired by a vitamin B1 deficiency?

a. Transketolase

b. Isocitrate dehydrogenase

c. Pyruvate dehydrogenase

d. Alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase

15. The rate of flow of electrons through the electron transport chain is most directly regulated by:

a. ATP:ADP ratio

b. Acetyl CoA concentration

c. Rate of oxidative phophorylation

d. Catalytic rate of cytochrome oxidase

e. Feedback inhibition by water

Answer: A
Answer: A
Answer: B
Answer: A
Answer: C
Answer:Amino acids can be converted into TCA cycle intermediates for gluconeog...
Answer: A
Answer: F
Answer: F
Answer:b) 0.9% saline
Answer: A
Answer: A
Answer: F
Answer: A
Answer: F
Answer: B
Answer:Imprecise joining events of V, D, and J regions
Answer:Imprecise joining events of V, D, and J regions
Answer: While the mule has 2n=63 chromosomes, it can still produce viable game...
Answer: 5'-AAACCC-3'
Answer:c. if a BamHI fragment is inserted at a Sau3A site it can be cut back o...
Answer: 3'-CCTAGGATC-5'
Answer:The operon is inducible, and lacZ is transcribed only in the presence o...
Answer: The lac Z, Y, and A genes would be expressed constitutively
Answer: A mutation in the operator sequence.

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