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Answer: 2^3 = 2×2×2=8
Answer: x^2+x^2 = 2x^2
Answer: (3×8)-2+(3+6) =24-2+9 =33-2 =31
Answer:(x+h)^3 =x^3 +h^3+3xh(x+h)
Answer: The formula for A plus B whole cube is: (A+B)3 = A3+B3+3AB(A+B)
Answer: (x+2)^2 =x^2+4x+4
Answer: logx=4 x=antilog(4) x=10,000
Answer: Since the dehydration reaction of alcohol has a carbocation intermedia...
Answer: 1/19
Answer: The formula for A plus B whole cube is: (A+B)3 = A3+B3+3AB(A+B) (x+3)^...
Answer: (3×2)÷3 =6÷3 = 2
Answer: √-72 = √9×-8 =√9×4×-2 =3×2√-2 =6√-2
Answer: 11+5+3×2+8×1 =11+5+6+8 =16+14 =30
Answer: 3x-2y+2y+3z+2z-4x-5y =3x-4x-2y+2y-5y+3z+2z =-x-5y+5z
Answe Statement of the given problem, The diagonals of a rectangle enclose an ...
Answer: In the theory of vector spaces, a set of vectors is said to be linearl...
Answer: BH4- is the good reducing agent... Because down the group basic nature...
Answer: Carbon dioxide is a colorless and non-flammable gas at normal temperat...
Answer For example, 1 mol of Fe(NO₃)₃ contains 1 mol of Fe³⁺ ions (55.845 g). ...
Answer: Dipole moment is the product of electric charge and distance between t...
Answer: Pythagorean Theorem. The Pythagorean theorem states that in any right ...
Answer: Option A
Answer: Pharmacokinetics is currently defined as the study of the time course ...
Answer: AlI3 is aluminium iodide.
Answer: Chemical name of FeS2 is ferrous sulphide.
Answer: The chemical name of Co2S3 is Cobalt(IV) sulfide.
Answer: Cu2S is copper sulfide
Answer: SrI2 is Strontium iodide.
Answer: The Chemical name of Na2CO3 is Sodium carbonate.
Answer: O2F2 is dioxygen difluoride.
Answer: NBr3 is nitrogen tribromide.
Answer: Chemical name of H2S is hydrogen sulphide.
Answer: The chemical name of K2SO4 is potassium sulphate.
Answer: Hydroflouric acid or hydrogen fluoride(HF)
Answer: Chemical name of MgCl2 magnesium chloride
Answer: Phosphorus pentoxide
Answer: KI is potassium iodide.
Answer: CaOCl2 is called as calcium oxy chloride.(bleaching powder).
Answer : Volts is the unit of voltage.
Answer: Coulomb is the units of electric charge.

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