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Answer: 1. 1) My name is ________ and I love to go biking. 2) When I go biking...
Answer: 17. b 18. a 19. a 20. b 21. a 22. a 23. a 24. c 25. c
Answer: population is the amount of people or items that take up a given space
Answer: strawberry
Answer: 64 Step-by-step explanation: if the dog ate half that means in total t...
11. I _____ in school almost all day. (past tense of be)
12. My sister _____ money for college. (future tense of save)
13. After weeks of looking, Jim _____ a job. (past tense of find)
14. She _____ the office about the meeting. (future tense of notify)
15. _____ you please _____ the door for me? (future tense of open)
16. The twins _____ almost always together. (present tense of be)
17. They _____ for three days to get here. (past tense of drive
18. I _____ my new radio with me to the beach. (past tense of bring)
19. Consuelo _____ for the job tomorrow. (future tense of interview)
20. It _____  almost time to leave for class (future tense of be)
21. I _____ never _____  his face. (future tense of forget)
22. Jacob  _____ his jacket on a nail. (past tense of hang)
23. I think I _____  my car keys in the grass. (past tense of lose)
24. The French club _____ a debate tomorrow. (future tense of hold)
25. Our side _____  the mock trial. (past tense of win
26. Who  _____ the Declaration of Independence first? (past tense of sign)
27. I think he _____ about the surprise party. (present tense of know)
28. Alfonso _____ us paint the room. (future tense of help)
29. Shakespeare many fine plays. (past tense of write)
30. Last week Beth _____ ten laps. (past tense of swim)
31. The gym _____ soon _____ new equipment. (future tense of need)
32. Arturo _____ almost all the potato salad. (past tense of eat)
33. I _____ my paycheck to the bank. (future tense of take)
34. His old car  _____ down on the highway. (past tense of break)
35. The crowd of people  _____ past us. (past tense of run)
36. Mom  _____ about the boys. (present tense of worry)
37. My quarter  _____ in the parking meter. (past tense of jam
38. The conductor _____ us the right stop. (future tense of tell)
39. Grandma  _____ how to knit. (past tense of teach)
40. The batter  _____ a swing at the ball.(past tense of take)
Answer: 5. will, open 16. are 17. drove 19. will be interviewed 20. is 21. wil...

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