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Answer: discernmentStep-by-step explanation: discernment-the ability to judge ...
Answer: red death
Answer: B Step-by-step explanation:It is considered as symbolic representation...
Answer: propietary
Answer: propitious
Answer: avg speed = 108.67kmphStep-by-step explanation: avg speed = distance/t...
Answer: balm
Answer: a visitor and the wind
Answer: astringent
Answer: gigantic
Answer: metaphor
Answer: four lines
Answer: resumption-the action of beginning something again after a pause
Answer: resumptionStep-by-step explanation: resumption-the act of beginning so...
Answer: a)15.46J b)7.579J
Answer: C-well after the U.S constitution dictated the separation of church an...
Answer: Work done = 19.62kN-mStep-by-step explanation: Workdone = F*s F = m*a ...
Answer: W = qVStep-by-step explanation:Potential difference is defined as the ...
Answer: a)180N-m b)30.15N-mStep-by-step explanation: work done = f*h a)F = 45N...
Answer: a)10.29 b)150.94Step-by-step explanation: a)Magnitude =√Ax^2 + Ay^2 M ...
Answer: -30.06Step-by-step explanation:Vector r = |r|(cos133.9 i + sin133.9 j)...
Answer: 1lb = 0.454kg
Answer: 1g = 0.001kg
Answer: 1 km/h = 5/18 m/s
Answer: 1m/s = 18/5 km/hr
Answer: 0.008 km/s*2Step-by-step explanation: 1m/s*2 = 0.001km?s*2
Answer: 0.0084456 Step-by-step explanation: 1m = 0.000621mile 13.6m = 13.6 * 0...

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