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Answer: C. Ballets
Answer: C. that he was fulfilling what he considered an obligation -- and poki...
Answer: C. he thought they were too good to publish.
Answer: A. would probably sound brave and heroic.
Answer: A the works of other composers which he arranged for piano.
Answer: A. a beloved classic of the Romantic period.
Answer: eight years old.
Answer: C. indicates that inspiration can come from many places.
Answer: A. Frederic Chopin
Answer: C. Cyclic form, which tied movements together with recurring themes.
Answer: C. Cyclic form, which tied movements together with recurring themes.

Hello instructor, please  you help me fix grammar and sentence, keep original paragraph. just fix grammar and sentence if you feel nessacary

My essay


In order to achieve the qualities of a successful student, studentmust have the qualities to 

evaluate in the most general way. Successful student has three main attributes. These

qualities include having goals, responsibility, and curiosity.

     First, setting goals is one of the most important tasks for every student. Student who clearly 

defining their goals will make detailed scientific plans to progress their goals effectively, so 

students will try their best to achieve the goal. For example, when student study chemistry, 

their goal is to get a high grade, then they will make a review plan from the beginning and 

systematize knowledge by tree diagrams. Through tree diagrams, students will do a variety of 

exercises to familiarize themselves with the test time. They will remember the knowledge, then 

they will do well on the test and achieve the goal of getting a high grade. Therefore, a student 

want to achieve high results in their studies, and they need to have a clear plan and determine 

the right goals according to their ability. It is one of the qualities needed to encourage that student 

to set goals before learning about something, which will help them gain knowledge effectively.
     Second, being responsible is one of the indispensable qualities of student when a student sit 

on school chairs. When student understand their responsibilities, that student will always take good 

care of school equipment to keep it new and undamaged. For example, when student finishes a 

lab class, a student need to keep the equipment clean, and thorough washing helps prevent the 

device from becoming moldy and leading to damage. In addition, student will help the school

 have full teaching equipment without damaging any equipment. With respect to friends, it is 

always the student's responsibility to maintain a good friendship and especially help each other 

when talking about learning. For example, when a student needs help with math homework 

because the math problem is difficult and cannot do it, another student will be responsible for 

guiding them to solve the problem. They are only responsible for providing solutions to help 

other student. As for the family, the student has the responsibility to listen to their parents. 

The parent's advice is handy to help the student improve themself, especially when the 

a student wants to walk on the academic path. For instance, when this student is began to

transfer, it will be time to register to choose a career and school, then the advice of parents will 

help them better find the profession and register for the appropriate school. Therefore, student

has a responsibility to school, friends, and family to help the student to better themselves.

      Lastly, curiosity is one of the essential qualities for every student. Because student wants to 

achieve high results in their studies, they need to first improve their knowledge by exploring 

many kinds of interesting exercises and clever solutions learned from books by many different 

good teachers in that subject. For example, if student wants to do well in physics, student must 

first listen to the lecture in class. Student will improve their knowledge by looking at reference 

books about physics because in a book, there are many types of exercises and good solutions 

for students to master the subject most effectively. Therefore, a student should be encouraged to 

be curious about useful knowledge from good people with high expertise.

     In conclusion, setting goals, being responsible, and having curiosity are the three qualities of 

a successful student. Moreover, student who want to develop better must have these three 

standards to help them develop deliberately from academics to ethics or dealing with friends 

and family.

Answer: You have posted this question before and i have already fixed this par...
Answer: A. learned much of his music theory from books, which he read voraciou...
Answer: A. learned much of his music theory from books, which he read voraciou...
Answer: C. piano concerto.
Answer: A. "It is my favorite work."
Answer: B. wrote music based on scientific equations.
Answer: B. Dvorak's desire to help America find "her voice" drove him to write...
Answer: B. Dvorak's desire to help America find "her voice" drove him to write...
Answer: Aristotle defines constitution of government as an arrangement of high...
Answer: You can propagate the message of social distancing and mandatory compl...
Answer: B. She used to feel awkward around her peers but now she enjoys talkin...
Answer: True
Answer: B. Most teenagers begin romantic relationships at the age of 13.
Answer: D. Researchers believe that it is most influenced by nature instead of...
Answer: C. Formal -operational stage
Answer: False
Answer: D. Assimilation deals with current ways of thinking accommodation caus...
Answer: Logon to the website, choose a suitable package and make the payment.
Answer: A
Answer: A. Brahms' wild success with his "Hungarian Dances" inspired Dvorak to...
Answer: C. Dvorak taught music lessons and entered music contests to try to su...
Answer: C. For the first time, Tchaikovsky felt "completely content" after hea...
Answer: C. It was written in honor of America's war of 1812 with Great Britain.
Answer: A. a Russian
Answer: A. a boisterous mixture of student drinking songs set in an intricate ...
Answer: B. he didn't want to be successful.
Answer: B. would probably be very upbeat and amusing.
Answer: B. was one of the most technically advanced pianists of all time
Answer: A. Chopin made his sister promise to burn it after his death.

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