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Answer: Multimedia assignment It's big one ! I can only provide some of the da...
Answer: why ??
Answer: 1- because the ethics of intervention and exit are at crossroad

Anything that involves the class of British and world literature.

Examples: Hamlet, Romantic poetry, Love sonnets, etc. To be used for this assignment.

Develop a multimedia presentation that meets the criteria outlined in Part 1 below. Review the criteria for delivering a presentation in Part 2 of this document and follow your teacher’s instructions for presenting your material to an audience. After you have shared your presentation, complete the reflection in Part 3 of this document and submit this document to your teacher for a grade. Your teacher will provide feedback on each step in the process on this document and return it to you.

Total score: ____ of 100 points

Part 1: Develop a Multimedia Presentation

(Score for Question 1: ___ of 35 points)

1. Develop a multimedia presentation based on your research paper topic. The content and design of your presentation materials should meet the criteria below. Your teacher will use the space below to provide feedback about your presentation.


Contains 5-7 slides that include an introduction, content slides, and a conclusion

Contains text that clearly conveys the important ideas from the research paper

Uses visual media to clarify or expand on ideas

Uses structure and formatting to enhance the final product


Type your answer here.

Part 2: Deliver a Multimedia Presentation

(Score for Question 2: ___ of 50 points)

2. After you have developed your presentation, you must deliver the presentation. Be sure that you have read and understand the criteria below upon which the delivery of your presentation is being graded. Then submit or present your project as instructed by your teacher. Your teacher will use the space below to provide feedback about your presentation.


The presentation begins with a strong introduction that grabs the listener’s attention and introduces the thesis.

The details in the presentation consistently support the thesis.

The conclusion does an excellent job of restating the main points and/or stirring the emotions of the listener.

The speaker elaborates on the slides so that the listener understands their significance.

The tone is appropriate for the topic.

The speaker varies the pace according to content and uses emphasis to draw attention to phrases and words of importance.

The overall impression is positive. The speaker is in control of the subject and of the delivery of the presentation.


Type your answer here.

Part 3: Reflection

After your multimedia presentation, complete this reflection and submit it to your teacher for a grade.

(Score for Question 3: ___ of 5 points)

3. Describe how you completed your presentation. What steps did you take to deliver your presentation?


Type your answer here.

(Score for Question 4: ___ of 5 points)

4. After you have shared your presentation, reflect on how effective you think it was in delivering your message. What worked well, and what could you have done better? What would you do differently if you had the opportunity to do it again?


Type your answer here.

(Score for Question 5: ___ of 5 points)

5. In terms of both subject matter and planning and making a presentation for an audience, what did you learn while completing this project?


Type your answer here.

Answer: Hello when is this due ?
Answer: okay You required a written paper abt the impact of technology previou...
Answer:' got it ! however, you got to confirm that no one else is simultaneous...

Benoit Company produces three products, D, E, and F. Cost and revenue characteristics of the three products follow (per unit):

                                                                                                                    Product                                                                                                                     D                             E                    F

Selling price                        $46                                 $41            $40

Less variable expenses:

 Direct materials                    18                                 12                 9

 Labor and overhead             13                                     9               19

 Total variable expenses         31                                   21                28


Contribution margin              $15                                 $20               $12



Demand for the company’s products is very strong, with far more orders on hand each month than the company has raw materials available to produce. The same material is used in each product. The material costs $3 per pound, with a limited number of pounds available each month. In what order should the company fill the demand for the three products?

  1. D,E,F
  2. E.D.F
  3. F,D,E
  4. E,F,D
Answer: please like and follow E,F,D
Answer: Hi ! I can start today
Answer: hi ! let me know if you want me to start on this assignment when is it...
Answer: The first post office in India was established by the British East Ind...
Answer: Gobind Ballabh Pant Sagar is situated in Sonbhadra district, Uttar Pra...
Answer: nine PIN zones please like and follow !
Answer:jute please like and follow !
Answer:Explanation: India is the largest producer and exporter of tea in the w...
Answer:fertile alluvium soil please like and follow !
Answer: Hirakud Dam please like and follow
Answer: Uttar Pradesh please like and follow
Answer: 18 zones
Answer:yea sure !
Answer:yea sure !
Answer: yea sure !
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:A peptide bond, also called an eupeptide bond...
Answer: please like the answer and tag me for any other questionsStep-by-step ...
Answer: yea sure when is the paper due ? let me know ASAP Thanks Please like t...
Answer: lemme know whether you have someone eslse on the assignment
Answer: got it ! I'll start working on it nd tag you when I'm done. Also here'...
Answer: when is the paper due ?? tag me in ur answer so that i can start worki...
Answer: doubt or confusion: There's no question about (= it is certain) whose ...
Answer: How to choose a career in 7 steps Perform a self-assessment. Identify ...
Answer: Dust allergies
Answer: will start working on it tag me in any other questions
Answer: will start working on it tag me in any other questions
Answer: will start working on it tag me in any other questions
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Answer Step-by-step explanation:tag me if you need help
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Answer: P/E ratio as of March 2023 (TTM): -90.7 According to Shake Shack 's la...
Answer:Please attach the graph
Answer:Please attach the graph

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