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Answer:Please like the answer and tag me for any further questions As of today...
Answer: P/E ratio as of March 2023 (TTM): -90.7 According to Shake Shack 's la...
Answer:Please attach the graph
Answer:Please attach the graph
Answer: Please attach the graph
Answer: please post the graphs so that i can help you with your questions
Answer: option c please like the answer and tag me in any further questions
Answer: hey yeah just tag me when u post
Answer: the answer is Step-by-step explanation: option A Please like the answe...
Answer: yea go ahead nd ask

Subject-civics redo

I need help, can someone help me please.

Discovery Search Writing Assignment:

To find data to complete the Discovery Search Writing Assignment, perform a web search. Web searches should always be done with adult supervision. Stride recommends the use of the safe search options that most web browsers come with, or one of the safe search engines produced by many major search engine providers. Search for these key terms: 

• The World Factbook 

• National Geographic

Step 1: On a word document, identify 5 historical and 5 contemporary examples of nations whose governments are either limited or unlimited governments according to the definitions of the terms you've learned. You must include at least one choice that is an unlimited government, and one that is limited. This means you may have 9 of one kind and only 1 of the other, or any combination in between.

Step 2: Document what factors you used to classify your choices either limited or unlimited.

Step 3: Research and find the following information about your nations (see the list below).

• Were/are they classified an industrial nation?

• Were/are they classified an agricultural nation?

• Were/are they classified a rich or poor nation?

• Did/do they have a strong military force?

• Have they been/are they often engaged in civil unrest?

Step 4: Once you have identified and classified your examples, write a summary opinion conclusion about each nation's government. Based on all the data you've collected, does this nation's citizens share the same freedoms that citizens of America enjoy? Is it a nation where you could comfortably live in according to the laws there citizens must abide?

Step 5: Once you have completed your assignment, submit it to your instructor.

Answer: Step-by-step explanation:Please contact via email ([email protected]
Answer: please like the answer and contact me for any further hw helpStep-by-s...
Answer: Please contact / tag me for further hw help What is the meaning of org...
Answer:a) n, describes the energy of an electron and the most probable distanc...
Answer: please like the answer and tag me in any further quesitons 1 - d 2- c ...
Answer: please like the answer and tag me in any other related questions Answe...
Answer: please take a pic of the choices and tag me
Answer: yes send your questions and tag me
Answer: Yea what subject ?
Answer: Q1 52,080 Q2 51,120 Q3 39,600
Answer: Arguments for and against Globalisation Globalization: Arguments For A...
Answer: let me know if u need more help with your classes(1) choose a biased s...
Answer: Folkways Norms that aren't strictly enforced (manners, etiquette) More...
Answer: social class, also called class, a group of people within a society wh...
Answer:The mass media plays a major role in the process of gender socializatio...
Answer:According to Charles Wagley and Marvin Harris (1958), a minority group ...
Answer: Functional analysis is a branch of mathematical analysis, the core of ...
Answer:While biological and psychological theories suggest that deviants are d...
Answer:Commonalities such as racial, national, tribal, religious, linguistic, ...
Answer: please post the questions separately and tag me in each one so that I ...
Answer: B then d No worries Ill be available Good luck How did u do on that on...
Answer: A then D Please like all the correct answers after ur done. That would...
Answer: A then d
Answer: C then B
Answer: C then B
Answer: D then A
Answer: C then a I have been answering both questions for over 3 questions now
Answer: They are both subtraction
Answer: D My bad I didnot notice the second question
Answer: B

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