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WESTERNClassical Studies 3400ECody BarteetFall

Classical Studies 3400E Chapter Notes -Protogeometric Style, Geometric Art, Lekythos

OC4352710 Page
11 Dec 2013
Some major focuses: polis = city state. Athens was the urban center of attica. Private & public sphere (focus is public sphere) Acropolis of athens was
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WESTERNVisual Arts History 3387F/GCody BarteetFall

Visual Arts History 3387F/G Lecture Notes - 18 Stafford Terrace, East Aurora, New York, Sherlock Holmes Museum

OC4352714 Page
11 Dec 2013
Design during the victorian period: 221b baker street: sherlock holmes museum (london, england) example of a fictional interior from 1881-1904 invented
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WESTERNVisual Arts History 2262F/GCody BarteetFall

Visual Arts History 2262F/G Lecture Notes - Guido Reni, San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane, Francesco Maria Del Monte

OC4352746 Page
11 Dec 2013
Indulges paying money to the church to pay away your sins. First real questioning of the church in europe. So many people involved and transformations
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