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U OF SPSY 213Gerald FarthingFall

PSY 213 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Synaptic Pruning, Cerebral Cortex, Dental Caries

OC5812434 Page
16 Dec 2015
Body growth tapers off in early childhood. In the skeleton, new epiphyses emerge, where cartilage hardens into bone. Children begin to loose their prim
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U OF SPSY 255Tammy MarcheFall

PSY 255 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Endel Tulving, Sensory Memory, Episodic Memory

OC5812432 Page
7 Oct 2015
Know implication, support for baddley"s phonological loop, concept. For example, according to the coding specificity principle: a) b) c) d) For example
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