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UTSGPSY240H1Hywel MorganWinter

PSY240H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Intellectual Disability, Abnormal Psychology, Brain Fever

OC628573 Page
26 Feb 2013
Abnormal behaviours is characterized by the presence of many characteristics at one time these characteristics being: statistical infrequency, violatio
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UTSGPSY240H1Hywel MorganWinter

PSY240H1 Lecture Notes - American Psychiatric Association, World Health Organization, Standard Deviation

OC628573 Page
26 Feb 2013
Consent is the most important thing (ethical concerns) Most important thing for a clinician should not have sex with your client three environments in
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UTSGPSY260H1Daniela PolomboWinter

PSY260H1 Lecture Notes - White Matter, Frontal Lobe, Phineas Gage

OC628572 Page
17 Dec 2012
Most direct way is to measure brain is electrical activity; electrical activity when neurons are firing action potentials (different concentrations of
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UTSGBIO270H1Chris GarsideFall

BIO270H1 Chapter Notes -Polyphenism, Allometry, Membrane Potential

OC628575 Page
1 Nov 2012
Animal physiology studies the structure and function of the various parts of an animal and how these parts work together to allow animals to perform th
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