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RYERSONMHR 523Anne HardacreSpring

MHR 523 Study Guide - Final Guide: Elderly Care, Absenteeism

OC6588136 Page
25 Jul 2014
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RYERSONMHR 523Anne HardacreSpring

MHR 523 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Human Resource Management, Job Analysis, Reasonable Accommodation

OC6588122 Page
25 Jul 2014
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RYERSONMKT 731Richard MichonWinter

MKT731 Notes for Final Exam (Primer, Ch 2-5, 7-9, 11, 13, 14)

OC6588142 Page
24 Apr 2014
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RYERSONECN 204Paul MissiosFall

ECN 204 Chapter Notes -Bankrate

OC6588131 Page
18 Apr 2014
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RYERSONBUS 800Neil WolffFall

Textbook Notes (Ch 1-6, INC 10).docx

OC6588135 Page
17 Apr 2014
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RYERSONRMG 452Lior YitzhakyFall

RMG 452 Chapter Notes -Wayfinding

OC6588120 Page
17 Apr 2014
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RYERSONMKT 700Richard MichonWinter

MKT 700 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Database Marketing, Customer Service, Financial Services

OC6588110 Page
17 Apr 2014
What customers want: recognition, service, convenience, helpfulness. Operational databases: process transactions and get monthly statements out. Market
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RYERSONMKT 700Richard MichonWinter

MKT 700 Study Guide - Final Guide: Advertising Mail, Viral Marketing

OC658817 Page
17 Apr 2014
Chapter 11 transactions, triggers, and web sites. Incomplete actions: recipient has clicked through but not bought anything; send message offering free
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RYERSONMHR 721Neil RothenbergWinter

MHR721 Midterm Notes.docx

OC6588121 Page
24 Feb 2014
Importance of active listening i: ask open ended questions (why, why not, what if we did it , how would that work , etc. , divulge information strategi
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RYERSONMKT 702Rob WilsonFall

MKT 702 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Strategy, Target Market

OC6588119 Page
7 Oct 2013
Acceptance of innovative products; easily enrich/facilitate lives. The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delive
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RYERSONLAW 603Neil RothenbergWinter

LAW 603 Study Guide - Final Guide: Intangible Property, Apparent Authority, Corporate Law

OC6588131 Page
18 Apr 2013
An agent is a person who acts on behalf of someone else for some specific purpose. A principal is a person whom an agent represents for some specific p
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RYERSONLAW 603Tim LowmanFall

LAW601 Cheat Sheet.docx

OC658813 Page
11 Dec 2012
Remedies: damages, accounting of profits, compilation of info used to maintain. Comprising = broad; consisting of = individual"s ability to exercise po
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RYERSONRMG 200Brent BarWinter

RMG 200 Study Guide - Final Guide: Stock Keeping Unit, Merchandising, Discount Store

OC6588162 Page
11 Nov 2012
* key to failure trying to please everyone. Retailing: set of business activities that adds value to the products and services sold to consumers for th
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RYERSONMHR 523Anne HardacreWinter

MHR 523 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10-16: Performance Appraisal, Total Rewards, Employee Benefits

OC6588122 Page
11 Nov 2012
Achieving strategic objectives requires employee productivity above all else. Create a high-performance culture by using a minimum number of employees.
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