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Lecture Notes I took in class

OC66892 Page
11 Feb 2012
Ggr117 y october 2010, global population is 7 billion y. Imr is better than cbr because it provides better insights into economic conditions y whats co
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UTMGGR227H5Nathan BasilikoWinter

Notes from video we watched in class

OC66894 Page
11 Feb 2012
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UTMHIS263Y5Fraser Mc KeeWinter

Conscription lecture notes

OC66893 Page
11 Feb 2012
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UTMPSY100Y5Dax UrbszatSummer

PSY100Y5 Chapter Notes -Vitreous Body, Aqueous Humour, Optic Nerve

OC668915 Page
11 Feb 2012
Wilhelm wundt tried to change the view of psychology. y he said psychology s primary focus was consciousness. y this is why psychology is focused on: 
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UTMPSY290H5Ashley MonksSummer

PSY290H5 Chapter Notes -Brainstem

OC668924 Page
11 Feb 2012
When a trait is conserved, it means that the trait is passed on to a common ancestor and two or more descendants. Parts of a rat s brain were damaged t
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UTMPSY270H5Christine BurtonSummer

PSY270H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Decay Theory, Acrostic, Flashbulb Memory

OC66895 Page
4 Apr 2011
In the functional-equivalence hypothesis, finke described five ways that images can be similar to physical objects. List and explain three of these way
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