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UTMPSY220H5Emily ImpettSummer

PSY220H5 Chapter 8: Chapter 8.docx

OC937809 Page
17 Jun 2015
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UTMBIO206H5George S EspieFall

BIO206H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Phospholipid, Bond Length, Organic Compound

OC937804 Page
19 Oct 2013
C,h,n,o : make up 96. 5% of an organism"s weight. Outer most electrons determine how atoms interact. In living tissues, only e of an atom undergoes rea
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UTMBIO206H5George S EspieFall

BIO206H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Exocytosis, Sexual Reproduction, Scanning Electron Microscope

OC937807 Page
19 Oct 2013
Cells: small, membrane in closed units filled with a concentrated aqueous solution of chemicals and endowed with the ability to create copy of them. Pa
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UTMBIO205H5Christoph RichterFall

BIO205H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Philopatry, Metapopulation, Quadrate Bone

OC937805 Page
19 Oct 2013
Population: a group of individuals of the same species that habitat in a given area at a time. Density: # of individuals per unit area. Age structure:
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UTMBIO203H5Ingo EnsmingerFall

BIO203H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Oxaloacetic Acid, Atp Synthase, Cell Membrane

OC937806 Page
19 Oct 2013
1890s- hans and edward buchner added sucrose( used as preservative) to yeast extract. Instead preserving yeast extract, sucrose was broken down and fer
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