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UWCIVE121Robert Mc KillopWinter

CIVE121 Study Guide - Interpolation, Printf Format String, Numerical Integration

OC980831 Page
17 Apr 2013
[value_max, index] = max(vec) array = rand(5, 2) Vector functions total = sum(vec) num = length(vec) array = randi([1, 6], 5, 2) Find and logical index
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UWMATH118Robert AndreWinter

MATH118 Lecture Notes - The Technique, Differentiable Function, Riemann Sum

OC9808310 Page
17 Apr 2013
Monday, january 7 lecture 1: integration by substitution (refers to 6. 1 in your text) After having practiced using the concepts of this lecture the st
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UWPSYCH101Richard EnnisWinter

PSYCH101 Chapter Notes -Implicit Memory, Vise, Active Desktop

OC980836 Page
24 Mar 2013
Memory: the persistence of learning over time through the storage and retrieval of information. Recall: a measure of memory in which the person must re
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UWCIVE204Wei Chau XieWinter

CivE 127 - MIDTERM_samples.pdf

OC980831 Page
1 Mar 2013
8:30 am 10:30 am, thursday, february 28, 2013. Materials covered: 2d force systems, 2d equilibrium, structures: trusses and frames, there is one bonus
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