Part 1: Identifying Independent Clauses
Highlight or bold the independent clauses in the paragraph below. Some independent clauses are interrupted by dependent clauses, so you'll highlight around the dependent clause. For example:
Jenny discussed the work schedule with her manager who suggested she work extra hours this week.
Later Jenny decided despite the advice that she would work her regular schedule
Why do I want you to identify independent clauses? 1. You need to write in full sentences, not fragments. 2. Most comma rules are about setting off nonessential clauses from the independent clause.
In the above two sentences, commas should be where the independent clauses begin/end:
Jenny discussed the work schedule with her manager, who suggested she work extra hours this week. Later, Jenny decided, despite the advice, that she would work her regular schedule.
Now you try:
Our class novel by Octavia Butler will soon be made into a television series. I have recommended it to many friends many of whom have read it. In past sections of the class students have enjoyed it. Although it can be hard to read about violence and cruelty Butler's novel takes us into part of our history a part we should not look away from. Some people believe we should ignore the past if it makes us feel uncomfortable however I believe that we must confront the past to make our future better. The people I most admire in the world agree with this fundamental idea.

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