The Scholarship Program

While OneClass strives to make learning easier for all students, we understand that sometimes learning isn’t the only difficulty. We want to connect our students with exclusive and easy-to-enter scholarships so that you can make school a little bit more affordable. Whether we run the scholarship or we partner with our awesome corporate friends for one, our users will get the first notice that a new scholarship is up.

Previous Scholarships Winners


$1000 Newton's Uploading Challenge

Mar. 2014

Winner: Anna Dodd
School: Boston University

"I will be using this scholarship to help pay for my fall semester at Boston University, where I will double major in Computer Science and Film & TV! I am so grateful to have received this scholarship, thank you so much!"


No Essay Scholarship with University Primetime

Feb. 2014

Winner: Ashley Melnick
School: Michigan State University

"I will be using this scholarship money to help pay for my applications to vet school, which I will be applying to this summer. This came at a great time and I am thankful for OneClass and University Primetime for selecting me for this scholarship!"


Gear-Up Scholarship with OnTheHub

Feb. 2014

Winner: Marina Kidisyuk
School: University of Ottawa

"I will be using this money to pay for my summer courses so that I can reach ahead in my degree in Accounting. Thank you so much for the scholarship!"


$1000 Newton's Uploading Challenge

Dec. 2013

Winner: Dylan Feist
School: University of Alberta


$1000 Season's Greetings Scholarship

Dec. 2013

Winner: Rianna Follis
School: Red Deer College

"I will be using this $1000.00 to help pay for my 3rd year tuition costs.This will be great help for costs, I am very excited to be receiving this!"


$1000 #BIGORANGEBOX Scholarship

Dec. 2013

Winner: Austen Fankhouser
School: University of Colorado Boulder

"I am going to use it to help pay for my study abroad trip to Italy over spring break!"


$1000 Grammarly & OneClass Scholarship

Nov. 2013

Winner: Reegan Barnett
School: Ohio University

"I am going to be using the scholarship money to help pay for my tuition at Ohio University, OneClass is fantastic for giving me this great opportunity!"


$1000 "No Essay Required" Scholarship

Oct. 2013

Winner: Jillian Mcateer
School: Florida State University

"I am using the money for tuition and books for the next semester. OneClass is awesome!"